4 Reasons To Have An Office In Your Yard

The vast majority of us work from home these days. We may not do it all of the time, we may not even do it as part of our main day’s work, but many of us do bring work home with us to complete. Or perhaps we run a side business from home and need somewhere to work quietly. We might even just like a little space when paying the bills or replying to emails. Why ever you want to have one, there are many good reasons for having an office out in your yard.

Saves Space

If you’re lucky enough to have a spare room to work from at home, that’s great, but not everyone can spare the space. All the bedrooms might be full, and trying to work from a dining or kitchen table just isn’t going to be conducive to great productivity. If there is no room in the house, then building an office outside in the yard can be ideal – you won’t lose any room inside, and you can use space that was going to waste outside

Better Productivity 

It can sometimes be hard to be productive when working from home; there are distractions everywhere. That’s why some people like to leave the house and go elsewhere. However, with more companies choosing to save money by employing remote workers and with rents getting higher so that small businesses don’t want to use all their profits to pay for an office, the yard office can be the best solution. Once they are paid for, there are no ongoing costs (apart from heating and cooling, of course), and if you like the idea of leaving your home to go to work, you can do. Just because the ‘commute’ is less than a minute doesn’t mean it’s no less valid psychologically. 

A garden shed can, therefore, help you be more productive by putting you in the right mindset. 


In the past, an office room in the yard wasn’t the most secure, and some people even chose to bring all of their equipment inside during the night to prevent it from being stolen. That really defeated the object of having the office out there in the first place, and it became a burden to those trying to work there. 

These days, you can easily avert that problem. Getting a security system that will cover your exterior buildings is no longer so cost-prohibitive, and you should be able to install an alarm and maybe even security cameras to keep your belongings safe. There are some systems that, should an intruder be detected, will call your cell phone and may even be able to show you a live stream of what is happening. This means you can feel a lot safer about your equipment being safe. 

They Can Look Beautiful 

Far from simply installing an ugly-looking shed in your yard and then trying to work from it, today’s outdoor offices are more in keeping with the environment they are installed in. You can have them designed specifically for you, or you can find one that will fit perfectly and not look entirely out of place. 

Make sure you keep the backyard beautiful around it too, by removing lamb’s quarters and other weeds and by planting some gorgeous blooms, and the entire effect will be wonderful. You’ll be glad you have an outside office when it looks good. 

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