4 Things That Make for a Great Home Inspection

Most people mistake home inspections with building code inspections because of the relative similarity of these processes. Whereas the latter is only concerned with ensuring that any home and building meets legal requirements for standing, the former is all about overall safety more than anyone else for those residing within.

In either case, most people are just happy to passively allow things to happen as they are. To maximize the great benefits of the services a home inspector, it’s important to understand what to look for when the inspection is undertaken. Here are four of the most important components of a home inspection that will ensure that your home is safe for you and your loved ones for longer.

Structural Safety

One of the most basic services offered by home inspectors that you need is a simple structural analysis of the safety of your home.

This will include a check on the strength of core foundational supports as well as whether or not there is a termite infestation. The essential point is to ensure compliance with not just some arbitrary building code, but with standards and are commensurate with the overall safety and well-being of you and your loved ones.

Energy Audits

Another relevant component of home inspections in Springville, especially today, are energy audits. These involve the study of the overall energy usage of your home. This is highly relevant where energy savings equal monetary savings.

energy efficiency chart and calculator

A carefully conducted energy audit will allow you to identify which appliances and electronics are consuming more energy than others. This will allow you to go for more economical options that save you money.

Environmental Checks

Another critical component of home inspections is a check of the environment. This has two facets. First, you want to check the effect that your home has on the environment around it. This not only allows you to be environmentally responsible, but it also makes sure that you take care of the health and well-being of those around you.

Second, you also want to check the effect the environment has on your home. This specifically has to do with growths of mold and mildew or even infestations of insects and other pests. This will help to keep you and your family free from any sicknesses and the like.

Material Testing

There are also several man-made materials that need to be checked for in any home. These include lead and asbestos. Most modern homes do not have these built-in anymore, but older homes are at risk as these materials have proven harmful effects on the health of those who are exposed to these over a long period of time.

A home inspector can help identify the presence of these elements as well as give tips on how to get rid of them. This will keep you completely safe and healthy in the long run.

A home inspector is an invaluable partner towards making where you live conducive to long term habitation. They can make sure that you’re healthy, happy, and comfortable with peace of mind knowing that you’re safe.

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