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5 Considerations to Make Before You Buy a Storage Shed

A person needing to buy storage shed needs to consider some things before investing their money. The obvious ones include what the shed will cost them and the size. Perhaps even, they might consider style and color as well as durability.

However, if these are the only things you think about, you might be setting yourself up for disappointment. For example, outside storage sheds for sale are not necessarily priced by quality. The typical assumption is that the more expensive, the higher the quality.

Sometimes, high quality will be a factor of your intended use. In such a case, looking at how the sheds are built versus the storage needs is a wise move. The following are things to think about:


Outdoor structures do not just store things. They provide an alternative space for items that may otherwise clutter your home, but they also contribute to the look of your outdoor space. You will then want to think of design as it will directly impact the landscape of your home.

Ideally, you pick a unit that will complement your small or big house. For instance, a country home might work well with rustic shed designs with batten and board siding. Formal homes might work better with arched windows or similarly themed sheds.

Consider how you will integrate your shed into the landscape. You might use plants to blend the shed into the yard. One may also plant garden beds. A shed with wood siding can be installed with trellises to grow plants.

Siding and wall materials

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Storage sheds will be made of any of three elements: plastic, wood, and metal. Wooden sheds will have walls framed like a garage but with plywood as siding. Alternatively, they come with sheathing and traditional lap sides.

Sometimes they will have asphalt tiles. Metal sheds will have a painted or coated metal as the roof and walls. Plastic is typically PVC. The type of material will dictate the kind of maintenance and repair needed.

HOA rules and zoning laws

Before you buy a shed, think about the city you live in and the kind of zoning restrictions that exist for sheds. Many places will limit the size of the shed by stating a maximum size.

Other states dictate the placement of the shed but require prior approval. The height is another common issue with imposed restrictions by the homeowners association.

Flooring and foundation

Some sheds include floors. Wooden sheds will have standard plywood flooring while metal and plastic come with separate floor structures. You can choose a floor system that is different from the manufacturer’s.

Regardless of type, the foundation of the shed needs to be off the ground. One can use compacted gravel or concrete blocks. If the foundation is elevated, the risks of corrosion or rotting are significantly lowered.

Some people prefer to do part of the shedding work for themselves. However, that is not advisable. Other than the professional considerations, having a professional installer will provide you safety. Often, such installers will give you a warranty and provide free maintenance services for a short while after installation.

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