6 Surprising Reasons Plumbers are Happier Than You

The plumbing industry is one of the biggest business sectors in the country. This is why many people are leaning towards this profession. If you have a natural knack for problem solving – or just looking at industrial pipe fittings in Utah – this job might be the one for you. Up until today, there’s still a demand for plumbing jobs in the United States.

If you’re considering this profession, here are some reasons why you should consider becoming a plumber:

  1. Job Availability – As mentioned, the demand for plumbers in the country is still on the rise. In fact, experts say the need for plumbers in the United States . It’s almost like being a doctor or a lawyer, you will always be assured that someone will call on you for a job that needs to be professionally done.
  2. Affordability or Alternative Options for Undergraduates – The plumbing profession doesn’t require a college degree, which provides more job opportunities. You can go to a community college or a vocational school, which will cost you a lot less than their “ivy league” counterparts. It’s also easy to find apprenticeship right after graduating, where you will be paid money right away. Another option is the online plumbing certificate training courses.
  3. There is room for advancement – Plumbing is not a dead-end job like many think. You can actually work your skill and mastery level up so that you can reach master plumber levels. It’s a regulated and licensed trade so there is actually an advancement opportunity. If you reach master level, your pay will be much higher, you will have more flexibility plus be presented with a lot more opportunities.plumbing
  4. Variety – Who says a plumber needs to be in houses fixing pipes and installing sinks all day? Unless that’s what you actually want, you have the option to do other things such as managing, repairing or expanding municipal water systems, designing new plumbing systems or coming up with breakthrough plumbing technologies. All are exciting aspects to plumbing that only few people know about.
  5. Flexibility in Schedule – You always have the option of running your own plumbing business. This means you create your own working hours and are essentially the master of your time. This is great news if you wish to spend more time with your family or want to dabble in other activities as well. Not a lot of employees get to enjoy this much freedom and most of them are pretty much nailed to their 9 – 5’s.
  6. Physical and Mental Workout – Plumbing is very much like solving puzzles. You need to analyze the problem, come up with a solution – and of course, manage daily transactions, which are great ways to keep your brain sharp. You will always be in tip top shape as well, moving your body as the job can get quite physical too.

These are just some of the few reasons you should consider pursuing the plumbing profession. Your next step is to find the best employer to showcase your skills. Just like any other jobs, don’t make any hasty decisions. Do your research about the company. Find out more about their employee benefits.

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