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7 Attic Remodeling Ideas To Bring Up The Fun Factor Of Your Home

Are you looking to add not just value but more fun to your home? Have you ever considered remodeling your attic into something more useful and fun?

Everyone wants more room in their homes. But not everyone has enough money for a home expansion so most folks go down the room remodeling or conversion route.

Attics are perfect for this type of project. The room is already enclosed and there’s no need to build any additional foundations.

Unlike basement projects where moisture is a problem, especially if this is where you do most of your laundry, you need to make sure you regularly conduct dryer vent cleaning and check on exposed electrical wires. Compared to basement conversion projects, working on attics is a lot more ideal.

Converting your attic into a usable space will take lots of work. From planning to execution, it can be quite taxing but your ultimate reward is the final result of all your hard work.

Just to get you started, here are a few attic project ideas that can add more fun factor to your home.

  1. Children’s Playroom

If you have children at home this is the first thing that will come to their minds if you ask them what their idea of a fun space is. This conversion is extremely useful in minimizing the clutter that your kids’ toys make all over the house. Plus, you can customize it to provide the safest environment for them to play in.

  1. Home Theater

Most adults dream of having a great home theater to retreat to and relax in after a long day at work. Why not make use of all that extra attic space and build your own home theater?

  1. Game Room

Games are always fun, whether they’re board games, card games, or video games. Convert that extra floor area into a game room and designate spots for different types of games. You can assign one corner for video and online gaming and set up a long table in the other part for card and board games. Add a minibar to the mix to make gaming more fun and relaxing for everyone.

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  1. Man Cave/She Shed

Personal space has become quite a luxury in the past few years. We’re not talking about emotional space but a room or area to retreat to for relaxation. Man caves and she sheds provide a lot of benefits to a person and help them recharge and re-energize after dealing with all the stressors at work and at home.

  1. Home Spa

Talk about the ultimate relaxation! Building a home spa in your attic space can help you unwind after a long day at work or spend a romantic evening with your spouse or partner to strengthen your relationship.

  1. Library

Bookworms are not the only ones that will be happy about this. A place to read, write, and contemplate is healthy for one’s mental and emotional well-being. A home library allows you to do all these things.

  1. Artist’s Studio and Workshop

For the more creative and artistic ones, an avenue to express yourself through art is a great way to have fun and get rid of unwanted stress and anxiety. It lets you translate your thoughts to a beautiful piece of art without making a mess of your home.

There are a lot more great and creative ideas if you do a bit of research. You’ll find not just themes but even treatments on how to work on your attic and make it unique.

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