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Better Office Design and Layout to Boost Company Profits

Keeping costs down as the company advances is a huge challenge for entrepreneurs. You can improve your competitive advantage by re-evaluating your home base. Before worrying about the market, the competition and other things that are beyond your control, look around you.

Is the headquarters of your organisation in the best possible form?

The cost of outdated office design

When you start consulting office fitouts designers in Sydney with a contemporary stance, you might be surprised with their verdict. Your office is outdated, and this shortcoming is already affecting personnel morale, health, and productivity.

It’s not just because the cubicle set-up encourages long hours of sitting, which is not suitable for cardiovascular health. It is also because you are not maximising the collaborative potential of your team. What would be some of the recommendations for a healthier and more productive office setup?

Here are a few ideas on how to make your workplace 100 times better.

Make it sunny, make it bright

If the sun is just outside, then make sure your workers get enough of it. Factoring in protection from ultraviolet radiation, radiant heat, and glare, make sure everyone gets plenty of natural light. A daily dose of sunlight, even though glass windows lowers stress and anxiety among office workers.

Based on studies from the International Well Building Institute, the productivity of workers declines if they stationed far from windows.


Do you need a conference room? Build it if you have the funds? Do certain job positions require cubicles? Then don’t remove them all. Will a breakout space be beneficial for everyone? Potentially, the answer is yes. Instead of choosing one setup over another, why don’t you promote an agile workplace instead?

Make it a flexible design that allows for interaction and in times of need solitude. Because of modular furniture and contemporary design principles, a pliant workspace layout could be the best choice for your organisation.

Be updated

Technological innovations have made some jobs in the office setting obsolete. The way business is done today is very much dependent on the level of technology the organisation embraces. Of course, the cost is a primary concern.

If you want to boost efficiency and productivity, perhaps you can examine the technological innovations available, and choose new equipment with long-term benefits and cost-reduction potential. Aside from technology, update the skill level of your employees.

Nurture role models who can mentor and teach younger staff. Your investment in their training will pay off.

Go green

Computer Keyboard with cursor shows Ecology Concept

Lastly, consider implementing sustainable solutions such as paper-less systems and energy efficient tools and equipment. Harness available technology that lowers your organisation’s carbon footprint. Usher the new millennium with better sustainability credentials.

You can improve the productivity of your workers and boost the profits of your business with a few critical changes in the work environment. Let in more natural light and plan out a space that is agile and accommodating to changing needs.

Embrace new technology that is relevant to your operations and apply sustainable practices that will benefit the organisation now and generations more to come.

The workplace must evolve to accommodate the needs of the future. Is your organisation keeping up?

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