Boost Your Home’s Value and Security With Wrought Iron Gates

For centuries, wrought iron has been considered as one of the most sought-after construction materials for fences and gates. It not only brings elegance and security to your space but also boosts the value of your home. It gives a timeless and classic appeal that most homeowners love.

That said, before choosing a design for your wrought iron gates from companies like ArtMex Artistic Iron Inc., learn about the different types of gates that you can upgrade using wrought iron.

Privacy Gates and Fences

The major reason people opt for wrought iron gates is to safeguard their privacy. Commercial and residential metal fencing helps curb visibility in your perimeter and keep unwanted guests from accessing the property. Based on the level of privacy needed, various designs can be made to include hand-forged elements that blend well with your home’s architecture.

Driveway Gates

If you want to create a distinct impression and at the same time command your visitors’ attention, wrought iron driveway gates are a must-have feature in your property. They are suitable for all types of properties, from waterfront mansions on the beach to mountainside retreats. Moreover, they can be custom made to suit your preference and your home’s overall look. They are available in swinging, sliding and bi-parting options.

Garden Gates

Iron Fence

If you are looking for a way to make the sacred gateway to your garden more intimate, wrought iron garden gates are the answer. These can be made to suit the privacy you need or match your driveway gate. You may consider adding a stylish trellis to finish the floral background of your garden. Be sure to make your landscape more welcoming and inviting with a charming and rustic entrance, thanks to wrought iron gates.

Pool Gates and Fences

Pool fences and gates are all about safety. As such, their construction and installation process must comply with area code and must be first rate. While they do not substitute your child supervision duty, they go a long way in protecting your kids whenever they go to your yard. Moreover, these fences can be made to suit your specifications and style preferences. Intricate spirals and curves, classic designs, fence spears and grandeur of columns are among the many styles that you can consider.


While they cannot be described as gates per se, balustrades have a way of completely transforming wrought iron into a fine work of art. They not only serve as decorations but also act as a safety feature when input in stairs, railings, balconies and decks. With the malleable nature of wrought iron, you can easily incorporate intricate twists, curves and other motifs to every balustrade pane.

Wrought iron comes with various desirable properties, which make it suitable for application in almost all types of environments. These properties include ease of maintenance, maximum security, ease of installation, durability, multiple design options, and elevated elegance and value to your property. As such, while it is more expensive than other fencing and gate options, most homeowners still prefer to use it.

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