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Build a Greenhouse: Encouraging Your Kids to Love Vegetables

Children need to eat as many vegetables as possible to get the essential nutrients they need for healthy development. Some parents, however, struggle to convince their kids to eat their leafy greens. Only one out of five children eats the recommended amount of fruits and vegetables(at least 2.5 cups.) Almost one-fourth of the vegetables they eat are french fries.

Nutritionists say that there are different ways you can encourage your little ones to enjoy eating vegetables. For example, you can grow your own food. Look for residential greenhouses that are for sale, and teach your kids the joys of edible gardening.

Gardening Encourages Kids to Enjoy their Leafy Greens

A report by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND) reveals that children are likely to eat more produce when they do gardening.

Gardening can attract children in different ways, depending on their age. For preschoolers, they are more interested in digging holes, exploring dirt, and planting seeds, among other activities. Older children, on the other hand, tend to be more curious about how a single seed grows.

You may also give each kid a specific task. For instance, someone should be responsible for watering the plants, harvesting, or weeding. Being involved in the process of growing food excites them to taste the fruits of their labor.  Encourage them to taste freshly picked produce to enhance their overall experience.

How a Greenhouse Can Foster Your Family’s Love for Greens

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Apart from promoting the consumption of vegetables, gardening is also an excellent opportunity for your family to bond and enjoy the beauty of nature. But it’s important to choose the right greenhouse for your home.

Determine the greenhouse size you need before buying one. Although it might be a good idea to buy the largest greenhouse that suits your budget and fits your yard because it’s easier to fill. It’s costly when you try to expand a small greenhouse.

Additionally, you must pick the right siding or glazing materials carefully. The siding of your greenhouse can affect the cost and efficiency of your greenhouse. You may choose from glass siding materials or one of the plastics, such as fiberglass, polyethylene film, and polycarbonate. Pick one that will allow more sunlight into your greenhouse.

Framing materials are important components, as well, because they will hold the structure together. In some cases, your framing depends on your choice of siding materials. When it comes to the foundation, it’s not necessary, but it can improve your greenhouse.

Greenhouses: A Worthy Addition to Your Home?

The average cost of building a greenhouse is $13,893 when professionally installed. But a do-it-yourself installation costs about $3,500, depending on the materials you’ll use. The cost of materials and labor have an impact on the overall cost of this project.

Building a greenhouse at home provides multiple advantages. It allows you to plant your own crops all year round so your kids can enjoy fresh, healthy vegetables. Having a greenhouse can make gardening more fun for kids.

Investing in a greenhouse is only one way to convince your children to eat vegetables. There are other ways to do it, such as becoming a role model to them and adding more vegetables for snacks and lunch.

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