Does Your Lounge Need An Upgrade?

Have you ever looked around your lounge and just felt, well, bored? Bored of the color, bored of the accessories – just plain bored and ready for a change. For more people, there comes a time where they want to renovate and change up their living space, and it’s perfectly natural to want to make it look different from time to time. Some people gut the entire space and start again, where others just change out the furniture when they are able to afford the changes.

The most important thing to remember is that updating your living room can take some time. 

There are only a few changes that you need to make to truly make a difference to the room, from an upgrade to vinyl plank flooring from carpets, and even a change of paint job. No matter what, though, the changes that you make have to be the changes that you make for your family and not because you like the look of a room in a magazine. It can take a lot of work to renovate and change a lounge, and we’ve got some suggestions that can really upgrade the room to make it look excellent. So, let’s dive in!

Upgrade Your Cushions

Whether the sofa cushions could use reupholstering, or you are looking to replace your throw pillows, the fastest way to make a difference to the space is to change up the pillows and soft furnishings. Throw pillows are specific to the design of the living space, and these are what people will notice moving into your space. Choose new colors to match the walls or other furniture pieces, and you have the chance to play with different textures here! Have fun with fringe and cord, leather or silk – you’ll love the experience!

Change The Textures

The rug in the room – whether on carpet or vinyl – could always use a shampoo from time to time. If your rugs have seen better days, then it may well be time for a change. Much like the sofa cushions, upgrading the rug to match the wall color or cushions. You can play with the textures of the rugs and even the sizes and you will have an instant transformation of the whole room as a result.

Paper Or Paint?

The lounge wall color will depend on the size of the room. The bigger the room, the brighter and airier you want them to be. Going purely white may be an issue, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t choose a warm white color to bring the room to life. To add something quirky, why not choose an accent wall? You can brighten up just one wall and change the way the room looks. If you don’t want to repaint the entire room, consider wallpapering it all and use one wall as a space for funky patterns and a funky color. Once you do that, you’ll see the transformation.

Change The Look

Where does the furniture best sit in your lounge? You can move it around and make a real difference to how the room is. Moving the larger pieces of furniture to the opposite walls will give you a new perspective on your lounge space. You may even find a new way to place all the furniture that looks much better than before!

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