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Durable Plants For Your Garden

It is annoying to think that it takes lots of time and effort to grow plants, only to find them dead in the midst of the summer’s blistering heat. There are a couple of reasons why most plants die in sweltering weather. With the scorching heat, the water supply and the soil’s natural moisture may also decrease, stripping plants of much-needed nutrients in the soil.

A decrease in nutrients may affect the plants’ overall health and their capacity to fight back diseases and pests, thus lowering their likelihood of survival. Also, some plants don’t have the right defenses to withstand the summer heat; thus, they easily die.

You can still enjoy your gardening even during the scorching heat of the summer. Before the season finally sets in, try to grow the following plants in advance. They are well-adjusted to the summer heat and are easy to take care of.


Bring a taste of the tropics in your garden by adding pots of Caladiums to your lawn. If you have been investing in lawn installation, Caladiums will grace your wide lawn during the summer with its elegant and fancy combination of colors. These plants thrive best in hot weather; thus, you don’t have to worry about them. Originally from the South, Caladium also suits well in Northern climates.

Egyptian Star Flower

Commonly known as Sunstars, the Egyptian Star Flower, have excellent survival skills to withstand the summer heat. Its extra-large flower clusters are comparable to the size of hydrangea blooms. These flowers attract butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds to your garden. Want to add color to your yard? These Sunstars are available in four varieties–red, rose, pink, and lavender.

Campfire flame Bidens

These flowers have the fiery orange color of a campfire. Its color may soften into a subtle yellow in cooler temperatures but may intensify into a bicolor red and yellow in the midst of the summer. They will give you blooms the whole summer and thus be perfect as decorations in edging landscape borders or solo pots.

Diamond Snow

Diamond Snow belongs in the Euphorbia plant family, where Diamond Frost belongs. They are denser and have fuller flowers, and suitable as ornamental plants in upright containers. These plants are tough and durable. They gracefully thrive despite the intense heat, humidity, and drought. For best results, you can plant the Diamond Snow together with Diamond Frost in one pot to enjoy a plethora of colors.

Heat It (Gaillardia)

The Gaillardia plant thrives all over the United States and Canada. Its yellow and scarlet varieties are perfect for making pretty bouquets. Heat It is orange-red in color with slight yellow tips. These plants are adorable in a garden as they uniformly bloom both in container recipes or landscapes. They are also great pollinators that can act as magnets for bees and butterflies.

What about other plants? How do you salvage them and prevent them from dying during the summer? With lots of effort and preparedness, you can keep your precious plants and make them last until the temperature becomes milder.

Watering deep

We normally sprinkle water on the surface of the plants’ leaves. This practice is not applicable anymore with the sweltering heat. Instead, water the plants down to their base. When plants are desperate for water, they tend to keep their roots near the surface. In deep watering, you send a signal to the plants that it is okay to dig their roots deep in the soil.

Make sure not to overwater.

The summer heat may tempt you to overwater. Keep in mind that you only need enough water for them to sustain the whole day.

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Don’t water your plants at midday.

You may feel pity for your plants while they are under the heat of the sun. However, watering them at midday will only worsen as water droplets will only intensify the heat on the leaves’ surface.

Provide some shade for your precious plants.

There are several ways to do this. Some plant owners set up a big beach umbrella over their plants. You may also use old bedsheets, cheesecloth, or cardboard to make your plants relax from the heat.

Summer is just a season. It will only be there for a couple of months. Thus, you don’t have to get stressed and think that it will be over very soon. Even if it is temporary, you should still do your best to protect your plants the whole time. You may ask other family members to set up the shade or help you watering the plants at appropriate times.

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