Essential Household Items You Should Keep A Spare Of

There are few things more frustrating than not having the right spares to do quick repair work or attend to an emergency at home. Imagine your light bulb going off at night, and you have to wait till morning to dash off to the electrical shop, or your vacuum filters getting damaged in the middle of cleaning your home. It’s always best to keep some essential spares at home to save you the hustle. Here are some of those spares worth having at home. 

Phone chargers and cables

Phone cables can snap or break anytime, whether you accidentally pulled it forcefully out of the charging port or your pet messed with it. Having a spare charger or cable can be a lifesaver, especially if your phone’s battery is prone to running out of power within a couple of hours. The same applies to laptop chargers and cables of the basic gadgets you use daily. It is always best to have spares of all these chargers to fall on when the original ones malfunction. 

Light bulbs

Various things can cause a light bulb to stop working properly, including a surge in electric current. And you wouldn’t want to bump into furniture because of darkness or deal with a flickering light bulb. Almost every home uses at least one light bulb, and not having spares can be the reason you spend the night in darkness or rely on your TV to illuminate your living space. Imagine having a special visitor in your home, only for your light bulb to bail on you when everything seemed to be going just fine. Now, your visitor has to sit and wait for you while you hurry off to the store to get a new light bulb. Don’t let this happen to you. 

Vacuum filters

Most vacuum filters are easy to remove, clean, and reuse. But while cleaning your home, you can easily damage your vacuum filters if a tiny but sharp object finds its way into them. Putting your cleaning on hold to get a spare filter can be very annoying, especially when you have other things to do. So, even if your vacuum cleaners have never given you issues, it’s wise to have a spare or two filters in your home just in case. 

Aside from your vacuum cleaners, you can also keep spares of some essential parts of your most important electronics. Fortunately, suppose any of your electronic devices pull a faulty surprise on you. You can always rely on online appliance spare parts dealers, whether you’re looking for Electrolux spare parts or any other spare parts of trusted brands.  

Spare wallpaper

It makes sense to have spare wallpapers stored if you’ve draped your walls with wallpapers. Of course, you can buy new ones whenever you want. But if you’re looking for the same design you already have at home, that might be difficult to find, which means, if just a small portion of your current wallpaper requires replacing, you might have to replace the entire wallpaper design or risk mismatching. Always purchase and store extra wallpapers of the same design you love to avoid this. 

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