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Fun Indoor Activities For the Whole Family During Winter

The winter months can be long, dark, and boring. Unfortunately, going outside the house may not be a good idea as one may have difficulty handling the consequences later on. Frostbites are surely cumbersome. It may also be hard to get out of a situation that involves carbon monoxide poisoning, hypothermia, or heart attacks due to the intense cold. When driving during winter, one may expose himself to a fatal car accident.

Thus, most families would like to stay safely indoors during the winter season. However, prolonged periods indoors may make family members bored or agitated. This is very normal. Good thing, there are activities that you can do with your family in the confines of your home while enjoying a nice fireplace. Here is a list of fun indoor activities that your family will surely enjoy during this season.


Entertain your family with hearty homemade goodies that they like. When the weather outside is frightful, it is best to indulge in sweets and pastries that can make one forget about the long hours spent indoors. Why not bake? Try something boozy and strong such as the Chocolate Bourbon Pecan Monkey Bread. You may also want to try baking something easy and fruity such as the Dutch-Oven Raisin Walnut Bread, German Apple Cake, or the Double Butterscotch Coconut Cake.

Bring out the fun and curiosity for each family member with easy science projects.

Make this winter a season for learning. Put on some science shows explaining the science of snowflakes or the beauty of a frozen bubble. Make use of cans and other kitchen devices to introduce the concept of condensation. Use a thermometer and show them how mittens keep you warm.

Organize an indoor scavenger hunt

Get the whole family going by organizing an indoor scavenger hunt. This is a low-prep game in which you can use cardboard cut-outs, good photos or illustrations of winter animals, old Christmas cards, or illustrations from flashcards. Scatter these items in random and inconspicuous corners of the house. Set the rules and let everyone play.

Raid your closet and put on your best clothes for a fashion show.

Release the fashionista in everybody. Get a closet haul and be creative in mixing and matching outfits. Set the concept of the fashion show. You may want to set-up a fairyland theme, a Hollywood runway, or a set composed of cute jungle animals. Prepare the ramp and the runway in the living room. Make sure it is safe and designed to avoid slips and falls.

Make colorful salt paintings

Everybody, including preschool kids, can make salt paintings while inside the house. This is a good sensory activity that ignites kids’ imagination. Try frosting Epsom salt on your windows. Take the particles from the window and stick them on the surface of the cardboard. Color it using watercolors or water-based paint.

For Teens

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Engage in a yoga class

Foster creativity and mindfulness among older kids in your family by introducing indoor yoga activities. If yoga sounds boring to you, add some yoga moves while playing The Dot Game or the Random Words game. Prepare a list of yoga poses that members can do during pauses and intervals of the game. You can also let the victor or the loser execute a yoga pose.

Join a gym

Is there a gym in your condominium or a fitness center a few steps away from your house? A trip to the nearest gym can surely be a good addition to your kid’s routine during winter. Make sure that they wear appropriate clothes and apparel before going out. Make them look attractive by adding color and accent to their clothes.

Enjoy a movie marathon

Let the fun continue during winter. Get the projector ready for a fun movie night. Get suggestions on what films to watch and let everybody vote. Prepare some popcorn and other goodies for the whole family.

Initiate a board game or video game tournament

Board games are not yet out of fashion. This kind of game also fosters problem-solving skills and creativity for kids as they imagine different scenarios and compete for the gold. Before winter, you may also want to purchase new Xbox games or consoles for more variety.

Swim at an indoor pool

Swimming at an indoor pool during winter burns approximately 500 calories per hour. This is a good opportunity for your teens to release pent-up boredom and isolation.

Make this winter an unforgettable time that each one in the family will look forward to. Be fun, creative, and bold in organizing activities and games for everybody. Consider soliciting suggestions from other family members. Encourage everybody to participate in the game. Discourage sulking in a corner or spending too much on video games and online games. You may also want to assign chores for everybody so that they will get something to do regularly.

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