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Holiday Review: Getting to Know Your Possible Clients for the Season

Holidays are one of the most marketable times of the year. People take time off their work to celebrate or earn that well-deserved pampering. Others take this as an opportunity to have a family outing and enjoy a fresh environment. Speaking of holidays, they won’t be complete without staying at a hotel or other sorts of accommodation. If this is your business venture of choice, then that’s great. But you should remember that at the core is the concept of customer service and how you can provide an unforgettable experience for your guests. You should get to know them and ensure high-quality service and stay.


These are one of the most common groups of customers during the holidays. You should be able to provide for the need of every member. For adults, there should be enough room and good food and refreshments. For teenagers and young adults, there should be enough amenities such as arcades and leisure activities. For kids, there should also be play places and interesting sights such as a custom Christmas light installation that fits the Utah environment. They will also try to make the most out of their money, so be sure to have promotional packages ready. Make sure that your rooms are childproof and devoid of anything that can endanger occupants inside.

Bloggers and Journalists

News isn’t only about current events and political scandals. It also features places and delicacies that are unique and sure to pique the interests of the readers and followers. If you watch certain programs or read newspapers, there are segments dedicated for such features, where the reporter or writer experiences staying at a hotel  to tell whether it’s worth the customer’s money. It’s also done by bloggers who, instead of working with a local TV channel, are independent journalists that mostly operate online through their blogs, video channels, and social media. Due to the popularity of such platforms, it’s an opportunity for promotion and endorsement to a wider set of audiences. Many customers nowadays base their choices on these reviews. Get on their bad side, and you’ll end up in the top 10 worst list.

The Business Class

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Entrepreneurs and other businesspeople also travel from time to time due to the nature of their livelihood. However, these are probably the most complex of all the possible clients you can get. Most of them are straightforward and may come in too strong for ordinary folks. Other times, they’re like the regular customers and just want somewhere to settle for a few days. Either way, it’s important that you understand their need for promptness since they always have schedules to commit to as well as the expectation of having their requests prioritized.

There is a diverse target audience for such an endeavor, but they have one trait in common: their purpose of stay. Despite the difference in tastes or the number of members, your customers will come in thinking that you have much to offer other than good accommodation. Make them feel welcome and appreciate their business by encouraging them to try out everything on the table. You can gain a following that would also bring in more business for you.

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