Home Addition: Converting Your Garage

If you are starting your own family, one of the first things you need to consider is getting your own home. However, it will depend on various factors, such as the budget, property size, and distance between your home and workplace. You can choose to rent an apartment or condominium unit or buy a house and lot in your preferred neighborhood.

Of course, it is a nice thing to have a place they can call on their own. Some would buy a house and build a home addition to accommodate their growing families. If you are looking for professional home contractors, you can hire home builders in Cairns. A home addition is one of the most practical ways to improve your home without the need to relocate to a new home.

Garage conversions, why not?

Most homes have their own garages to house their family vehicles. But in most cases, the garage ends up being the storage area – from construction materials, paint, and even broken furniture. Instead of letting your garage waste away, why not convert it into a useful living area instead?

A converted garage is a good idea, especially if you are planning to add extra space for your family. It can be cheaper to do, unlike building or relocating to a new house. You can convert your old garage into an additional room or an extension of your kitchen or living room.

What to consider before a garage conversion

However, there are still some things you need to consider before converting your garage. For one thing, you need to assess whether the home addition project is feasible. You should also think about the adjustments you need to do while the home addition project is ongoing.

HVAC system

For the space to be livable, it needs to be ventilated adequately. Consider extending the current HVAC system into the garage. Otherwise, you may have to look for personnel who can help you install a separate HVAC system for the converted garage.


We know that garages usually do not have the most glamorous floor in the house. Your garage one may even be sloping toward the floor drain or the garage door itself. In such cases, you’d need to renovate it. Adjust its slope or level so that it can be considered a living area.


Garage door

Most garages have roll-up doors, which is inappropriate if you want to convert it into a livable space. Once you remove the roll-up door, you have to fill in that space so that it doesn’t look awkward. For example, build a wall with a window and a nice-looking door that will complement the newly-converted garage.

Car parking

If you convert your garage, you need to think about your car parking. If you still have a vehicle to store, the converted garage won’t serve it anymore. You may have to build a carport that will serve as your car’s shelter.

These are some things you need to think about before converting your garage. You can change your garage in many ways, such as an additional bedroom, a bathroom, a living room extension, a home gym, and many more.

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