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Home Improvement: Things to Do Before Moving into a New Home

Many people bought their first homes when the pandemic started. They took advantage of lower interest rates that the US Federal Reserve implemented to boost the economy. While some new homeowners bought well-maintained houses, others were not lucky.

If you are among the unlucky ones, you have to have a lot of work ahead of you. Before you settle in, you should check the whole house and work on several home improvement tasks to make the home livable. Here are the tasks you need to do before you move into the house.

Change the Locks

The first thing you need to do is to change the locks in the house. Changing the locks does not show that you do not trust the previous owners. But you are not sure who has a copy of the keys to the house. Changing the locks shows that you are mindful of the safety of your family.

Upgrading the locks of the exterior doors into smart locks is another option. This is particularly useful for older homes that have no security devices installed in them. Increasing home security concerns make the installation of smart locks a good idea for new homeowners.

Check the Curb Appeal

People who bought homes at bargain prices should also consider improving the curb appeal of their new homes. Improving the curb appeal increases the confidence of new homeowners in inviting their family and friends to visit them once they settle in their new homes.

Working with a local lawn care company to take care of the front yard of the home is a good idea. These professionals have the equipment and experience to help you spruce up the home and make it appealing to people who pass by along the sidewalk or street in front of the house.

Aside from the front yard, you should also paint the home’s exterior to make it look better. Checking the roof is also important to avoid issues when it starts to rain. You should also make sure that the gutters and drains do not have debris in them.

Replace the Alarm Batteries

To protect your family, you should also change the batteries in the carbon monoxide and fire alarms in the house. While you think it’s not an important concern, you should not ignore it to avoid incidents in the future.

If the alarms are old, you should consider replacing them with newer models. If the alarms are at least ten years old, you should replace them. Checking the manufacturer’s instructions will show you when you need to replace them. But it’s still advisable to look for newer models to ensure your family is safe and secure while staying in your newly-bought home.

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Deal with All Holes

You should also check the house for any holes caused by the wear and tear over the years. Covering these holes is a good idea to make the house look better. If the hole is smaller than four inches in diameter, you should spackle them before painting over the area. For holes bigger than four inches, a wall repair patch is the best way to cover them.

Covering the holes also allows you to prevent pests from entering the house. You should look for holes around the doors, in the attic, in the basement, under sinks, and behind kitchen cabinets. You should also check the exterior of the house for any holes that allow rodents to enter.

Keeping these pests out allows you to prevent health issues from affecting the members of your household. It also allows you to protect your appliance from damage.

Cover Gaps and Cracks

Aside from big holes, you should also check for gaps and cracks in the house. These gaps and cracks allow cold or hot air to leave the house, which increases your cooling and heating expenses. Cover these gaps also reduces airflow into the house, which stops moisture from forming. Stopping moisture from forming prevents mold and mildew in the house. You can caulk these gaps and cracks before painting them to make the house look better.

Clean the Carpets

If the house came with old carpets, you should deep-clean them. Deep-cleaning the carpets before moving in makes the task easier since you do not have any furniture to move around yet. Spraying the carpet with hot water with a detergent mixture is the best way to clean the carpet. Extracting the mixture requires a high-power vacuum. But an easier way to clean the carpet is to hire carpet cleaning professionals.

Buying a house is a major accomplishment for many people. But before you move into your new home, you should make sure to check it and perform the necessary home improvement tasks to make it ready for you and your family.

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