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The 2020 quarantine will forever be considered unparalleled and unique. The pandemic has quartered all hope we have to get back to how things used to be. The nature of the virus has called for extreme measures for most governmental bodies. Lockdowns after lockdowns were imposed for many states by their respective state and local governments. Almost thirty million Coronavirus cases have been recorded in the United States alone — the record number comprises nearly 25% of all the COVID victims around the world. Out of all the deaths worldwide from the virus, almost six hundred thousand alone come from the U.S.A.

Cases continue to pile up even as vaccines are getting rolled out. Close to two million people get inoculated every day in the United States alone. Due to the general lack of discipline, education, and belief by the populace, a lot still doubt the vaccine’s efficacy. The overall cultural change because of the extraordinary circumstances remains unprecedented.

Luckily, a majority still believe in the rules imposed to lessen the number of people infected with the virus. A lot are still practicing social distancing regulations, mask mandates, and lockdowns to further reduce their risk of becoming sick and infecting others. This trend has led to many people adapting and innovating their own homes to acclimatize their home environment to the new normal.

There is no telling when things would get back to the way things were so everyone takes little victories for themselves anyway. For as long as they can reduce the risk of contracting the virus whenever they are outside, every little thing is a victory.

What are the most basic ways we can innovate our homes to adjust to the new normal?

Home Office

The reality of working from home has become fulfilled for most people. Because of the once-in-a-lifetime pandemic, almost all large companies have shifted to work from the home set up for their employees. Constructing a suitable home office where you can work from while at home is a suitable change you can make to adapt to the new normal. It is predicted that most companies will employ rotational work from home to set up with different departments in their companies to minimize infection costs and overall manpower overhead.

Having a personal office where you can stay away from distractions while working is integral to get the productive juices flowing. Most make-do with just their dining table when just working at home. However, having a separate room where you can work all day is important for you to differentiate between work and play. Co-mixing these aspects of one’s life will blur the difference between work and daily life, and it might become toxic.

Disinfection Area

A disinfection area is necessary if you want to adjust to the new normal. Having a flowchart list containing instructions to go straight to disinfecting yourself and your clothes is equally important. When coming from the outside, it is important to not let the virus inside your homes. Most houses and apartments do not have vestibules wherein they can instantly take off their clothes and head straight to the shower to wash off any traces of the outside world.

The flowchart of the disinfection process is necessary to disinfect yourself as efficiently as possible. Having a small anti-bacterial spray can ready beside your door entrance to spritz on your outside items is one step closer to readiness and preparedness. Having your washing machine and dryer can be significant in moving closer to becoming a home that is new normal-ready. Clothes immediately need cleansing after coming from the outside. Making sure that the dryer vent cleaning has been done can prevent bacteria from building up on the pipes.


Home Garden

Home gardens have become extremely relevant in a time where your next food supply can be uncertain. Most suburban houses have transitioned and transformed the blank areas of their lot into their own home garden. Because of the ease of construction, more and more people are becoming inclined to have their own home garden to tinker on.

Aside from the productivity home gardens bring, it is also an opportunity to tend to something that actually grows in your care. A different kind of fulfillment is achieved whenever you see something you have planted long ago grow into something majestic.Innovations in the home have been necessitated by the pandemic. To move forward to the new normal, we must also learn to adapt like the species before us. Including these innovations as assets in your home will pave the way for your success even while during a pandemic.

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