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How Much Should You Spend in Utah to Tear Off a Roof?

The average cost of roof tear-offs in Utah could range between $1,000 and $1,500, but the actual rate will depend on the roof’s condition and the cost of labor in your area.

Some roofing contractors could charge an hourly rate from $40 to $80, while others use square footage to determine the rates. If they charge per square foot, it may cost between $1 and $5. Whether they charge by the hour or per square foot, a damaged roof will cost more to tear off. For instance, you should expect to spend up to $10,000 to reinforce or fix decaying wood before removing the roof.

Know How to Negotiate

Your negotiation skills could significantly lower the price of roof removal. You should compare prices by requesting itemized quotes from at least three different contractors. Aside from labor fees and the price of materials, other factors that will affect each quote include disposal, permits, and warranties. Roofing replacements will require the disposal of the old one, particularly the shingles that can’t be repurposed.

If you live in a community where roofing jobs need a permit, the contractor will be the one to secure this on your behalf. Contractors will either charge a flat rate or determine the price based on the value of your home or its size. Warranties usually refer to the workmanship and materials. Check the coverage of these guarantees before signing an agreement.

Ways to Save Money

A good way to save money from a roof replacement requires you to buy the materials. This will take time and effort to shop around from different home depots or online stores. You could only spend as low as $1,200 to replace a roofing system, but take note that you may have to settle for lower-quality materials to meet this budget. Most homeowners spend at least $5,200 to reroof their houses.

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Another way to reduce the costs involves the removal of shingles without hiring a professional. You could save as much as $1,000 from doing this by yourself, although remember that tearing off old shingles is the most difficult part of replacing a roof.

Other Things to Consider

Spring and summer are the peak months for roofing contractors, so you should expect them to charge more expensive rates during these times of the year. If you schedule a roof repair or replacement service right after a recent storm, they will likely increase their rates because of higher demand.

You should consider looking for a contractor in autumn when the weather is more favorable, and if you only want to replace the roof for aesthetic reasons. Prices of shingles and other materials normally decline by this season as well.

Roof tear-offs should be included when you plan to replace an existing structure, but a reputable professional should know when it’s necessary to repair a roof instead of replacing it. It’s better to spend extra to hire a licensed and insured contractor, preferably a company that specializes in different kinds of roofing projects.

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