How Pet-Friendly Is Your Home?

If you’re thinking about getting pets, you may want to first consider how pet-friendly your home is. This is particularly important when it comes to pets that are allowed to free-roam around the house like cats, dogs or house rabbits. On top of making your home safe and comfortable, you need to make sure that your home isn’t going to get easily dirty or damaged. Below are just a few questions that can help you determine how suitable your home is for pets. 

Are you allowed pets in your home?

The first thing you should consider is ‘are pets allowed here?’. If you own your home, then you get to set the rules. However, if you rent your home, it’s up to the landlord as to whether pets are allowed. A lot of apartments have restrictions against cats and dogs, not just because of the potential damage but because of the noise, however, there are some apartments for rent that allow all pets. If you’re passionate about having pets, you should check with your landlord about rules on pets, and then decide whether to stay or move. 

Have you got enough space?

You need to make sure that you have enough space in your home for pets. Animals like cats and dogs need a lot of space to roam around, plus you need space for their bed and bowls. Even when it comes to pests like rodents or fish, you need to consider how much space their cage/aquarium takes up. If your home is already very small and cluttered, pets may not be appropriate. 

Do you need outdoor space?

Outdoor space can be handy when taking on a lot of pets. A lot of people like to keep rabbits outdoors, however, you can keep them indoors. Cats meanwhile can be allowed to venture outdoors and explore, however many are happy as house cats. Dogs are the animals that need outdoor space the most – at the very least, for going to the toilet. If your home doesn’t have a private yard, consider whether you’re willing to take your dog outside every time it needs to do its business. If you do have a private yard, make sure that it is secure and there are no dangers – make it a haven for your dog

Is your flooring suitable?

Delicate carpets can easily get scratched up by cats or muddied up by dogs. Even rodents in cages can ruin a carpet by kicking up sawdust and bedding. If you have got carpets in your home, make sure that they are short-pile, tough and easy to clean. Alternatively, switch to a hard surface like laminate or hardwood, which is likely to be easier to clean and more durable. 

Is your furniture suitable?

You may also want to consider the material of your furniture. Some fabrics are likely to attract hair and dirt or may tear easily. Ideally, you want sofas and armchairs that are durable and easy to clean. Leather is a popular option, although it can easily scratch. Synthetic microfiber is another option that is harder to scratch and easy to clean. Avoid getting a cat or dog if your sofas are made up of delicate materials like silk or velvet.

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