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Improve Your Health and Space with a Tennis Court

Home prices in Utah could shrink by 1.2%, according to Zillow. However, with a home value of over $355,000, it remains a real estate goldmine. The market still leans toward sellers.

You need to be more strategic, though, if you want to increase the value of your property. That includes how to enhance your curb appeal besides adding plants or painting the entrance door. An underrated option is tennis court surfacing.

Why Does a Tennis Court Make Sense?

Here are the primary reasons to consider installing a tennis court in your yard:

1. Millions of Americans Play or Follow It

Tennis is not soccer or basketball, which are two sports with the largest following, especially in the United States. Tennis also seems to have a niche. It doesn’t mean Americans are not playing it.

According to Statista, between 2006 and 2017, over 17 million people from 6 years old and above played the game.

Tennis is also a global sport, said Bleacher Report. Take, for example, one of the oldest tournaments called the Wimbledon. In 2018, the games reached a total cumulative TV audience of over 25 million on BBC, Statista revealed. Nearly 30 million, meanwhile, watched the ESPN broadcast.

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2. Tennis Is a Healthy Game

Tennis is a high-intensity cardio exercise, which means a person burns a lot of calories in a brief time. In an hour, they can consume up to 1,000 calories. It’s like running a distance of 12 miles.

The sport is also a full-body workout since it exercises the arms, legs, and back. Further, it improves agility, cognition, focus, and mobility.

Why do all these matter for people who live in Utah? First, more older people are aging in place in the state. By 2030, men and women 65 years old and above will account for over 13% of the population in the country.

Second, the obesity rate in the Beehive State increased. In 2018, it was 27.8%, over two percentage points higher than in 2017.

3. It Adds Value to the Home

A tennis court doesn’t just keep the homeowners healthy, but it also potentially adds more money in their pockets. In the UK, having it can cause the property value to soar by over £100,000.

Sprawling tennis courts are appealing in Utah since many homes are sizable. In 2011, Realtor.com crowned the state as having the biggest houses in the country with a median size of over 2,300 square feet. It’s the only state to have the most homes with four bedrooms.

Tennis Court Design Matters

No question, any Utah homeowner should consider adding a tennis court in their yard, especially if they have a huge space to fill. However, tennis court design also matters.

Surfaces come in many types, and they can affect the quality of the play and even the style of the player. For instance, a ball travels the fastest in the grass, but it has the highest bounce in clay.

A tennis court can also benefit from adequate and properly positioned lighting. It should disperse the light, preventing glares or displaying shadows that can impact the gameplay.

As they say, when you improve your home, you might as well make it worthwhile. Boost your home value and keep yourself healthy with a tennis court.

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