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Level Up Your Home Security

Safety seems so easy to define and talk about, but in actuality, it is tough to achieve. One reason is that nowadays you just can’t put your trust on anybody, especially with the ones who enter your home. Speaking of which, when was the last time you checked your home security set-up? If it has been a while now, below are four simple ways to level-up your home security.

Modify Entry Points

The first thing you think about when it comes to improving home security is the doors. If you are satisfied with your door locks, installing timber door jambs will be a good idea. Jambs come in various forms. It makes the door frame sturdy, and as a result, your door will not be easily knocked down or opened.

Most burglars are already seasoned in entering doors; you have to assume that all the time. So, do not hesitate and think of more complicated things to put on your doors to make it more secure. Start searching for jambs online and install one as soon as possible. You can also include installing of windows stops if you think the style of your windows seems to be a good entry point for burglars.

Get Your Alarms On

Alarm systems have been around for quite some time, and most of us are aware of how this stuff works. Well, alarms do not make the burglars go away all the timer. But, hearing the sound of an alarm in the middle of the night is always useful and effective in getting everyone’s attention.

It is just nature’s way of helping people that every time someone hears the sound of the alarm, they assume it is an emergency or something that needs to be checked. This is how intruders lose focus and start to panic, and eventually mess up his whole plan. As homeowners, this is what you want to happen, so get your alarms on now.

Grease and Rust Are Your Friends

In dealing with burglars and home security, there is no such thing as old tricks and new tricks. While you are busy searching for modern and effective ways to strengthen your home security, an essential way to prevent burglars from entering your home is just in front of you. Try greasing or oiling everything that intruders and burglars might climb on.

They could still find a way to get passed through it, but for sure, it will give them a hard time. Also, the rust builds up from your old gates can be helpful too, especially if they create annoying sounds when opened. Although they are not suitable for the neighbours, they are great for intruders.

The Motion Sensor Lighting

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Lights are one of the things burglars are very familiar with. You never know how they study how you use lighting on a daily basis, so if you are thinking of going for a vacation, you might as well think of a preventive measure as early as now. Motion sensor lighting system is the best tool once burglars are already inside your house while you are away.

Instead of choosing a light which will be turned on while you are out, motion sensor lighting can provide way better than that. Having these at home will make your house very hard to enter as the motion sensor lighting turns on whenever someone is within the protected area.

Home Should Be the Safest Place

If you are sceptical about making improvements for your home security, you better stop now. Always make it a motivation that your home should be the safest place for you and your family.

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