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Learning How to Maintain Your House Properly

Most homeowners don’t want to spend their money or weekends maintaining their homes. In addition to the time needed for this project, other people are more blessed with DIY skills than others. However, preventive maintenance can save you money and stress like regular car maintenance and doctor appointments.

Below is a list of minor home maintenance tasks that will prevent major and expensive repairs.

Keeping Your Gutters Clean

Keeping your gutters clean should be your priority. Ignoring this task can result in many problems costing hundreds or thousands of dollars in other repairs. Your damaged and clogged gutters will stop water from draining off the roof, resulting in water leaks or roof damage. In turn, it can damage the wall and ceiling, further causing foundation or mold problems. Many find it challenging to get the ladder and remove debris.

However, you shouldn’t ignore this task. In fall and spring, you’ll have to maintain your gutters at least twice a year. It’ll also be helpful to inspect them after heavy rain to ensure your roof’s downspouts are working correctly and free from clogs. You can schedule a gutter cleaning service if you can’t clean them.

Keeping the Trees Trimmed

You shouldn’t wait for a strong storm to trim nearby trees. Diseased or dead trees can result in personal injuries or property damage. Tree pruning and trimming will keep your trees healthy, prolonging their life. If you want to do the pruning and trimming yourself, you’ll have to find guides and resources online. If you’re dealing with large trees, it’s best to hire a professional to inspect your property.

Most trimmers will provide a detailed, written estimate. If they suggest trimming, hire an arborist to inspect. It’ll help you confirm if trimming is necessary. It might be surprising, but an honest one can determine if trimming is unnecessary. Furthermore, they can inspect your trees yearly and are more likely to trim them when it’s necessary. Don’t forget to ask for accurate estimates if you need major tree trimming.

Inspecting Security Devices

You’ll also have to be mindful. It’ll help you maintain your home’s safety and ensure that you have the needed supplies at hand. Doing these tasks before a strong storm and an emergency can be helpful during a power outage:

  • Inspect security and fire devices to ensure it’s in an excellent working state
  • Test and replace batteries in carbon monoxide or smoke detectors
  • Check the expiration dates of fire extinguishers to ensure they’re in good working condition for emergencies

Maintaining the Appliances

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Your kitchen is where your family spends the most time. Most spilled liquids and foods resulting from serving, preparing, and cooking meals will eventually damage your counter tops and floors. Find the time to clean and wipe down cabinets and get rid of expired items from your pantry monthly. Make sure also to clean your dishwasher by using the manufacturer’s recommendations to prevent leaks and clogs.

It’ll also be helpful to replace water filters in your refrigerator as needed. If it comes with a water dispenser or ice machine, don’t forget to check the hose beneath the refrigerator to determine if it’s damaged. You’ll also have to be more attentive to signs of damage.

Inspecting House Systems

You don’t need to clean your home’s largest systems; however, it’ll be helpful to inspect them to identify potential problems. During winter, pay attention to your AC. It’ll help you replace dirty filters to improve indoor air quality, helping heaters work efficiently. During autumn, turn outdoor faucets off to prepare them for winter.

Inspecting Your Property

It’ll also be helpful to check rarely seen or used areas regularly, including under a raised deck or the attic. Look for signs of mold growth, leaks, rot, rodents, and insects to look for early signs of problems. Having large trees on your property might also mean finding signs of decay. You’ll also have to check your garage door opener to ensure it’s working.

Inspecting your entire property will also aid in ensuring that every fixture is in a good state, including the pool. If it’s not, you might have to call a pool maintenance company to help you clean them. It’ll ensure that your family gets peace of mind.

Being Mindful of Plumbing

Inspecting your plumbing system should be a part of your maintenance routine. Inspect it and search for signs of damage. You might have to look for discoloration on supply hoses, deposits or rust buildup, polymer or PEX parts, crimping or crackling of plastic, or discoloration on metal pipes. If you spot these problems, bring in a professional to replace them. If necessary, clean slow-running drains to prevent a major backup.

Maintaining your house is a simple way to avoid expensive problems due to negligence or lack of care. Your homeowners’ insurance will help cover unexpected accidents.

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