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5 Ways to Make Your Living Room Look Expensive

Next to your kitchen, living room is probably one of the most crucial areas of your home. As the name suggest, it is actually where “life” happens. It’s in the living room where visitors gather and where the entire family spends a lazy afternoon or evening while playing games or watching their favorite movies or TV shows. Also, in majority of floor plans, living room is the very first place or space people see upon entering a home.

It is for this reason why lots of homeowners these days want their living room to look more luxurious and expensive. Do you really want to make it look that way? If yes, you are fortunate enough because there are many possible ways on how to make you living room look expensive. Some of these include the following:

Consider Custom Window Treatments

Nothing really looks more luxurious than curtains perfectly hanging and complementing your living room space. Truth is, custom window treatments and luxurious curtains can certainly make a room look more expensive and bespoke. However, you do not really need to spend that much when buying curtains or considering custom window treatments. These are surely great investments in your living room.

Add Fresh Flowers into Your Living Room


Fresh flowers can immediately lift the mood of a living room. The bigger the bouquet of flowers the more expensive and luxurious your living room will be. You can opt for expensive flowers but if you are concerned about your budget, there are still affordable flower arrangement options that you can try. You can put huge floral displays on top of the center table of your living room or in any are deemed suited.

Use Metallics

Metallic desk clocks, pedestal tables or decorative accents can immediately add some wattage to your living room. Adding some glam and glitz can create that “wow factor” and might let your guests think that you have invest on costly items for your living room which is sometimes not the case. Metallic light fixtures and metallic wallpapers can make your living room look costly.

Simplify your Living Room Space


Making you living room look expensive is not really all about the décors, displays, curtains and more. It’s also about space. Expensive living rooms do not look disorganized and messy but instead sophisticated and chic. You need to de-clutter your space and if necessary, minimize accessories and retain only the important pieces and those with sentimental values. Simplified living room space enables other elements to actually shine.

Put in Some Artwork


Artwork has its own way of giving your living room an expensive and luxurious look. You can therefore consider creating focal point or give your space a wow factor by means of hanging larger piece of art in your living room wall. You can also be creative and make your own artwork and display it in your living room.

You can follow these ways and you can surely succeed in making your living room expensive. In such way, you can have something inside your home that you can enjoy and be proud with.

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