Mortgage Lending for the First Time: 5 Top Things You Should Know

Buying a home can be the most significant investment decision we make in our lifetime. Use this guide to help you decide which mortgage lender is right for you.

Getting a mortgage is the first step for you to acquire your home. Usually, a few among us have the opportunity to have the funds ready, but the rest of us have to consider external sources of financing.

Numerous factors come up that may be overwhelming to a first-time buyer, and having basics on what to look out for will save you time and money. Here are five things you should consider when selecting your mortgage lender.

1. Financial Outlook

Like any critical purchase decision you make, it is essential to carry out your financial outlook. The first important thing you should know is your credit score. Your credit score is a history of managing your finances and influences the mortgage interests you get.

It would help if you went through your bank statements, financial accounts, and tax returns to ensure you can account for all your finances. It is generally advisable that you should buy less than you can afford.

2. Locate first-time home buyer offers

Before rushing into giving out your money, take your time and look for programs for first-time buyers. Mortgage lenders, like Strong Home, have numerous grants, discounts, and special interests for first-time buyers.

In addition, these mortgage lenders have different ratings accessible from their websites and physical locations, and it is upon you to make first contact without necessarily having to commit.

3. Work with your connections

Any home agency or location does not limit a first-time homebuyer. However, it implies that you can outsource mortgage information from your friends, family, banks and even credit unions. Different institutions have education programs that allow you to get discounts once you enrol membership, and you should not overlook such opportunities.

In addition, several non-profit organizations are available whose only goal is to work as your affiliation and guide you in the home buying process.

4. The Government

Most first-time buyers do not know that the government offers home loans for first-time homeowners. It is an excellent opportunity for you as government loans have low-interest rates spread over more extended periods if you have a good credit score.

Some of the bank loans available for you in the USA include the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) loan, Veteran Affairs (VA) loan, and USDA loans.

5. Documentation

All the above methods will not work for you if you do not take up your role in documenting the entire process. For example, when hunting for your first house, you are bombarded with large amounts of information that may overwhelm you if you don’t manage it correctly.

Therefore, you should document all the deals and contingencies proposed to you to help you make the correct decision.


One of the most important goals in any individual’s life is to have a place they can call home. The initial process of acquiring a house can be hectic. However, carrying your research can lead you to the best mortgage lending deals available in the market. Once you begin the process, you should always be ready to scoop up the best opportunity available for you and take your time to ensure you have the best deal available.

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