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Most Common Appliance Troubles That You Need to Be Ready For

There are those with a disability who have needed a wheelchair for their entire lives in order to remain mobile, while for others, illness and/or ageing has meant that wheelchair use has increasingly become a necessity when travelling longer distances. A lightweight wheelchair can help in either of these situations.

Reputable suppliers of lightweight wheelchairs in the UK, such as Karma Mobility, can provide individuals with advice on which models would best work for their particular circumstances. In the meantime, anyone considering buying a lightweight wheelchair would do well to think about these 5 different factors, which will affect their purchase:


Self-propelled lightweight wheelchairs require the user to have adequate upper body strength to push off and keep moving. For individuals who do not have enough physical strength, they will either need to rely on a carer to push them around in their wheelchair or they will need to consider investing in a powerchair.


Once again relating to physical strength and stamina, individuals should think about how often they will use their lightweight wheelchair. Will it be for occasional use outdoors on longer trips? Or for consistent use indoors and outdoors every day? This will help an individual determine whether they have the appropriate level of fitness to manage with a lightweight wheelchair.


Lightweight wheelchairs come in a variety of sizes, shapes and weightsThe ideal homemaker of today is a multi tasker that completes as many chores in the shortest time possible. Modern appliances and gadgets enable them to juggle from the office and back to the kitchen or garden in style with ease. The use of modern equipment simplifies the task, so any breakdown in appliance that requires repair will be a cause for concern.

Here are the most common appliance breakdowns that you need to be mindful of:

Toaster not working

What upsets most homeowners early in the morning is a breakdown of a breakfast essential. With kids early up and trying not to miss the school bus, a toaster breakdown will be the last thing any parent needs. This kind of kitchen malfunction can ruin anyone’s day.

Leaking Refrigerator

Another common cause of household distress is a leaking fridge. Food may spoil, not to mention the messy kitchen floor that have to be dealt with a mop later. This problem will need immediate attention because of the major trouble it can create later on. You will need the services of a professional from appliance repair to save the day.

Washer/Dryer Blues

Nothing is as frustrating as when you’re ready to drop laundry down the washer and the washer wouldn’t spin. Big deal. Taking all the soiled stuff to a laundromat will do but it takes time to travel to that place plus the added cost for the fee. Not to worry, your technician is just a phone call away. A technician will be at your home in no time.

Microwave Foibles


Microwaves are convenient kitchen helpers. Leftovers are easily reheated by a flick of a button, thanks to the wonder of the microwave. However, a malfunctioning microwave is a fire hazard. There are recorded cases where microwaves start on their own and cause fire. It is best to unplug your microwave whenever you leave your house just for added safety measure.

Thermostat Malfunction

A thermostat malfunction can be pretty annoying. A malfunctioning thermostat may cause your heating system to short cycle, which is what happens when your heating or air conditioning shuts off too soon before the heating cycle is complete and runs frequently. Your thermostat may be sending faulty signals to the main unit. Replacing the thermostat is your only option.

Dishwasher Damage

Dishwashers have heating elements that dries your dishes. Old and faulty heating elements are a fire hazard and needed to be replaced to avoid any trouble that may cause you your property. A good technician will do the job in a breeze.

The miracles of modern living have made our chores easier. We control temperature the way we want it, warmer in the winter and cooler during the summer months. A good maintenance routine is all that is needed to avoid all appliance breakdowns. When worst comes to worst, you need to find the best repair service providers to ensure that the job is done right.

Make sure the best technicians in your area are on speed dial.. Ultra-lightweight versions can weigh as little as 9kg, which makes manoeuvrability much easier.


Lightweight wheelchairs come with varying levels of customisation and adjustability. Seat to ground height, tilting backrests and seat depth are all potentially adjustable and can make a big difference to a user’s comfort levels, especially during prolonged use.


Lightweight wheelchairs are generally cheaper than powerchairs but there is still quite a range in terms of cost, from a few hundred to a few thousand pounds. Users will need to consider whether a basic model is enough to meet their needs or whether they will need to invest in something with more features.

Test it out

To meet the criteria raised by each of these 5 aspects of choosing a wheelchair, users will likely need to explore different options and test out a few wheelchairs in-store.

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