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Pet Urine: Removing Stains for Intentional and Unintentional Urination

What is the difference between pet marking and improper urination, and what factors may trigger these behaviors?

Dogs engage in urine marking as a way to leave their scent on a space. It is intentional and done for a specific purpose. In addition, they will only go in small amounts, as this is not a way for them to empty their bladder.

On the other hand, regular urination is a physiological process. It’s a natural function with the sole purpose of emptying the bladder. Urination can also be accidental, as the dog is trained but unable to withhold their urine output. This may be because of a medical problem.


Dogs are at least three months old when they begin to urine mark. They’ll mark their scent by urinating small amounts on various vertical surfaces. Many reasons explain why they engage in such behaviors.

Reproductively Intact

Unspayed females and unneutered males are considered reproductively intact. They’re more likely to urine mark. Marking for females frequently occurs just before and while they’re in heat.

Environmental Triggers

Another situation a dog may engage in marking is upon encountering nonresident and unfamiliar dogs in their environment, or when they sniff out the urine of other dogs. A dog’s environment is a reflection of their home and they feel protective of their yard, regular route, and other areas they normally frequent.

Social Situations

Dogs can urine mark for a social situation they’re in. For instance, when in heat, male dogs will mark in the presence of or when interacting with female dogs. The reverse also holds true.


Some engage in urine marking whenever they experience stress or anxiety. This can be triggered by new furniture or objects in their environment, the resident’s departure from the home, or a new person moving in.


Pet urine stain on a carpetDogs can urinate in places they’re not supposed to in order to relieve their bladder and when they have a solely physiological purpose in mind.

House Training

This can happen if the dog was not adequately and properly house-trained. They may have lived outside or in a kennel, or simply not been trained enough.

Separation Anxiety

Dogs may also develop separation anxiety. They’ll urinate in an inappropriate place only when they’re left alone in a home. This may be the case when owners see certain signs, like their dog becoming nervous or upset when they’re left alone for even a moment.


There’s a chance dogs urinate from excitement or submission. This can occur during greetings, physical contact, play, or scolding.

Urine on a Carpet

Dog urine contains waste products like uric acid, urea, urochrome, cholesterol, and ammonia. On a carpet, urine comes in contact with particular microorganisms. This environment encourages bacteria to breed and release gases that give off an unpleasant smell.

It becomes much harder to remove urine stains and odor the longer and the more often it gets into carpet fibers. Pet urine removal services will have to use specialized, unique solutions to fully remove the smell and stain from the carpet.

Even individuals with a healthy immune system can be affected by these urine stains. It can cause eyes to water, sinusitis, allergies, or inflamed airways. But more complex health issues can come from infants, seniors, or individuals with compromised or underdeveloped immune systems.

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