Proper Ways to Clean Your Walls, Ceilings, Roofs, and Gutters

Maintaining our homes comes with the responsibility of routinely deep cleaning the interiors and the exteriors, including the high parts such as the walls, ceilings, roofs, and gutters. These parts are often overlooked despite their importance. But neglecting these crucial parts could lead to the fast degradation of our home, which would require costly repairs and rebuild.

That said, if your home’s walls, ceilings, roofs, and gutters are long overdue for a cleaning, find out how to properly do it without sustaining injuries and further damage.

Cleaning Walls and Ceilings

An all-purpose cleaner will be enough to thoroughly clean your walls and ceilings, as its formula is safe for various paint types like latex and alkyd, both of which are commonly used in walls and ceilings. But before proceeding with an all-purpose cleaner, make sure to first remove any cobwebs and dust using a vacuum brush or a long-handled mop. As you start deep cleaning, you can just attach a sponge to a mop’s handle to avoid using a ladder, which may be unsafe.

If your ceilings have an acoustic finish, an all-purpose cleaner may damage it, so simply rely on your trusty vacuum cleaner to remove its dirt, and then re-spray it with an acoustic finish to restore its pristine look. Plaster ceilings should be cleaned the same way as well, only it doesn’t need any re-spraying.

If your ceiling is tiled, determine if it’s a washable type. Otherwise, special treatments are available at hardware stores, so cleaning shouldn’t be a problem.

Walls should be cleaned more often than ceilings since they’re more susceptible to stains and other kinds of dirt. Tapes, for example, are quite common on walls, so they should be removed at once. Simply use a warm iron and a cloth, pressing them against the tape to loosen its adhesive backing. To remove crayon marks, rub them with a cloth or sponge with a mineral spirit.


Cleaning Roofs and Gutters

Using a ladder would be inevitable if you’re cleaning your roofs and gutters, so in most cases, it’s more advisable to call in roof and gutter cleaning professionals in Seattle or other states to perform the task. Over 630,000 Americans required medical treatment for ladder-related accidents last 2015, so if you’re inexperienced with ladders, better not risk your safety and turn to the pros.

But if going up a ladder is something you’re used to, DIY roof and gutter cleaning may appeal to you. Just make sure your ladder is sturdy, and that you’re dressed for the job — long-sleeved shirt, comfortable work trousers, and rubber gloves. To maximize your safety, use ladder stabilizers as well.

A mixture of hot water, bleach, and detergent is what you need to clean roof shingles. Pour the mixture in a garden sprayer, and then spray it onto the roof, section by section, starting from the bottom to the top to reduce the chances of slipping (assuming you’re at the peak of the roof). Use a scrub brush to clean the surface thoroughly. If the mixture dries out before you can scrub it off, simply spray again. Do this until the entire roof is already scrubbed, and then rinse it off with water.

To remove dirt in the gutters, use gutter scoops that you can buy from hardware stores. Find an object that can catch the dirt, such as a tarp, and spread it underneath your workspace to prevent the gutter dirt from scattering all over your yard.

Once all dirt and debris are cleared off, use a garden hose to wash away any remaining debris. Running water through the gutters will also help you check if there are any leaks. When you spot a problem, call the experts and have it fixed.

Cleaning these parts of your home requires hard work, but in return, you can preserve their durability and extend their lives. When you can’t find time for deep cleaning, professionals are just a call away, so don’t hesitate to employ their reliable services.

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