The Home Repair Warning Signs You Can’t Afford To Ignore

A big part of owning a home is understanding when things need to be repaired. To do this, you have to be on the lookout for warning signs that tell you something is wrong and you should take a closer look at it. Spotting these signs is crucial as it lets you take action before they become worse and worse, leading to large-scale property issues. 

Today’s your lucky day, for you are about to see a list of home repair warning signs that you can’t afford to ignore…

Holes or cracks in the roof

Go up to your attic and take a look at the roof from the inside. Do you see any beams of sunlight shining through? If so, you have holes or cracks in your roofing tiles that need to be filled in and fixed. See to this problem right away, and you can deal with a roof repair instead of a full-on roof replacement. 

Loose roof tiles

We’ll stick with your roof for now, as there is another sign that a problem is afoot. Can you see any loose roof tiles that look like they’re about to fall off? Or, even worse, have some tiles already fallen from your roof? You can’t ignore this as it will get worse and worse – get someone to check your roof so they can make the necessary repairs. Even if a replacement is needed, it’s better to do it now than let more tiles fall and cause safety problems. 

Cracks in the walls

Superficial cracks in your walls aren’t always a huge issue as this can happen when your foundation settles. However, if you start seeing cracks that are a good few inches wide, it indicates a structural problem. There is some sort of issue with your foundation, causing instability in your home and leading to everything moving around. If you don’t get these cracks looked at – and the necessary repairs completed – you could have a huge issue on your hands. The structural integrity of your home is at stake, so you need to spot these cracks and sort them out right away.

Drafts from the windows

Have you felt a waft of cold air coming from your windows? You’ve closed your window, but you still feel the cold air seeping through. This draft is most likely caused by a breakage in the window seal. It isn’t as secure as it used to be, creating gaps between the glass and the frame. As a result, cold air can sneak through, creating the draft you feel. It’s surprisingly nice in the summer, but a real pain in the winter. You will waste so much energy heating your home if you ignore drafts! They’ll force you to turn the heating up higher, burning through more energy – and money. If you spot any drafts, get a window expert in to fix the problem for you. 

Doors catching

When you go to open the doors in your house, does it feel like they’re getting caught on something? At a closer glance, you notice that the top of your door is rubbing against the top of the frame. Why on earth is this happening? Well, it can be natural as your house shrinks, so don’t be too worried if you have a brand new house and this happens. Still, you shouldn’t ignore it and should get someone in to fix it. They’ll sand down the frame to allow for more space, preventing the door from getting caught. 

Now, if this keeps happening at an alarming rate – even after you’ve had it fixed once or twice – it might be a bigger problem. Again, something is probably wrong with the foundation as your home is shrinking dramatically. Call in the experts to find the issue and fix it for you. 

Leaky pipes and faucets

Can you hear or see leaks from your faucets and pipes? Don’t ignore these, even if they don’t seem like massive problems. What harm is a little droplet of water falling from a pipe?! Huge harm if left unfixed as it can slowly start leaking more and more until the pipe bursts and floods your home. Plus, you waste water by letting things leak, so identify the leaks and fix them immediately. 

Keep an eye out for these concerns and you should be able to spot and fix problems before they get out of control. The key to great home maintenance is identifying issues, understanding what to look for, then taking fast action.

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