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Understanding Sewer Line Problems and What to Do About Them

New homeowners have a lot of things to learn about owning a home. It can be exciting to think about renovation and upgrades, but it can be daunting to discover things related to maintenance and repairs.

A well-maintained home generally has a lot of potential value, so homeowners need to learn the house’s inner workings to ensure that everything is in order. This helps prevent serious damage to the property in the future.

One common problem that needs to be addressed soon as warning signs appear is a clogged or blocked drain. In St George and nearby cities in Utah, sewer line cleaning companies do regular maintenance work for homes and commercial establishments.

Here are a few things you need to understand about sewers and why they need regular upkeep.

What causes the sewer line damages?

Most homeowners will use harsh chemicals to unclog sluggish drains and hopefully clear the lines of any blockage. This temporary fix can actually do more harm when used in older homes with clay or porous pipes. Strong chemicals can damage the pipes and can cause them to break down.

Another issue common to some homes built with trees nearby is that the tree roots can find their way into the pipelines. The roots can ball up can block the sewer lines completely. When this happens, the pipelines may have to be removed, realigned and replaced.

Ground movements may also be one of the causes of sewer line problems. In some cases, the ground may shift around the pipes and bend them in angles that prevent proper drainage. This may lead to leakage and potential problems in the foundation.

What do you do in case of sewer line problems?

Sewer cover

Homeowners should not hesitate to call professional plumbing services in their vicinity to immediately inspect the problem. Plumbers can easily identify and determine where the problem is and take the necessary steps to fix it.

Most of the time, sewer pipes come with cleanout plugs used to check for blockage without having to dig up holes around the property. On the other hand, if there is serious pipe damage due to a faulty septic system, the pipes may need replacement.

This might require more work and reconstruction. Homeowners need to be vigilant on these types of maintenance issues to prevent major damage and costly repairs.

Minor sewer issues such as a cracked pipe can be resolved immediately as long as the cracks are still repairable. Plumbers can recoat the pipe’s interior with epoxy to strengthen it.

Power rodders are used by professionals to remove any foreign material that might be causing blockage to the pipes. Short pipes may also be replaced within a day if done by experts.

More serious problems such as septic tank issues may require intensive repair and take several days to complete. However, all efforts in dealing with the repair and maintenance of your sewer lines will be worth it in the long run.

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