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What Are the Signs of a Problematic Air Conditioner?

Whether you need AC maintenance for your home or office, it’s important to take note of warning signs that indicate your cooling system needs a serious fix. Some issues may be obvious, but others need careful spotting. So when you need all-around services for air conditioning, make sure to call a licensed and insured company. Here are five things that indicate it’s time for AC maintenance repairs:

Moisture Buildup Where It Shouldn’t Be

When you see noticeable moisture and leaks, it could mean your drain tube is damaged or blocked, or the unit may have refrigerant leaks. Refrigerant leaks are bad for your health, so make sure to contact a trusted cooling professional for repairs. However, it’s not a serious health risk. But take note: water pools collecting around your air conditioning unit can eventually rust the metal. If you have a carpet near your air conditioning unit, moisture may develop into mold which can cause allergies. So, have any leaks fixed when you call for routine maintenance.

Lack of Cool Air or Poor Air Flow

When your air conditioning unit in your Largo home is no longer blowing cool air, it may mean one of two things: the compressor has failed, or the system is running on very low refrigerant or Freon levels. The compressor is powered by a motor responsible for circulating refrigerant important for maintaining the cooling cycle. When the motor is damaged, it causes poor air flow and may mean you need to have the compressor replaced. Freon, on the other hand, is the refrigerant that helps lubricate the compressor.

More importantly, Freon gets converted into cold or low-pressure gas, making the room a lot cooler. If you have low Freon levels, it’s possible the unit has leaks which may cause a light hissing or bubbling noises. If you notice the lack of cool air and unusual noise when you turn it on, it’s time to have it checked and repaired.

Inconsistent Temperature


Check if a room in your home or office is cooler than another. If you notice inconsistencies in temperature, this may be a sign your thermostat has problems. The thermostat is the control system that sets and regulates your room temperature. One test you can do to check this is to set the temperature to 5 degrees higher. Once you’ve adjusted this, you should be able to tell whether your home is sufficiently cooler after a few minutes. If you notice there’s hardly any change in temperature, then it’s a good idea to have your air conditioning checked and repaired.

Your Cooling System is Over 10 Years Old

If your air conditioning is more than a few years old, chances are you need to have it checked regularly for repairs. But if repairs don’t cut it anymore, the best option is to replace your cooling system. According to Energy Star, they recommend upgrading to an energy-efficient system if your central cooling unit is more than ten years old. However, other HVAC specialists usually say your unit needs to be replaced when it’s 15 years old or more. The bottom line: An old unit with lots of issues may rack up your energy bill, so it’s wiser to invest in a new one.

Knowing what issues to look for can save you time when it comes to air conditioning repairs. It can also give you an idea on how to properly care for your cooling system to keep it working smoothly throughout the summer.
Remember to check for moisture buildup and lack of cool air. Moreover, make sure to check for inconsistent temperature and foul odors. If your cooling system is more than 10 or 15 years old, then it’s a good idea to invest in a new one. Finally, make sure to contact certified technicians for air conditioning services.

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