What to consider when looking for a new house

Buying a new home is exciting, but it can also be really daunting, especially if it’s your first time, or you haven’t moved for a while.  Here are a few things to consider when looking for a new house.


Location, Location, Location!  It’s often the number one factor when looking for a home.  Do you want a city, village, or rural home?  Are you near family or friends?  What are the schools like?  What is in walking distance?  How far is the commute to work?  All things you will need to know before you even step food inside a house.


Everybody needs good neighbours, but unfortunately sometimes you can end up with neighbours from hell.  Try and check out the other properties near the home you are looking at, and don’t be afraid to ask the owners.

Space Required

How many bedrooms do you need?  Do you want a separate dining room or are you looking for open plan living?  Is a downstairs toilet a must?  Get yourself a checklist of all the things you would like in a home, then ask yourself which of these are must haves and which are like to haves.

State of Repair

Are you up for a project house, or do you want to move in and not have to do anything.  Are you maybe somewhere in the middle and don’t mind some DIY and decorating, but don’t want to be knocking down walls?  And don’t forget the exterior, a neglected outside could mean you end up with water inside and require a roof leak repair.

Size of Rooms

Consider what furniture you have and if it will fit into the rooms.  If you are viewing an unfurnished house this can be particularly deceiving so take a tape measure with you.


People often overlook storage, but you need to think practically.  Particularly if you are looking for a new house that needs no work.  Is there space for your ironing board?  Where can you hang coats?  Try and picture your day to day life and if it will work in the home.

Ongoing Maintenance

Consider the ongoing maintenance of the house and the garden.  How old are the windows and doors?  What about the boiler?  You need to consider how soon things will need to be replaced and whether you can afford it.


Is there a driveway or a garage?  How many vehicles can you park?  Is it a parking permit street?  Where can your guests park?


Listen to what noise you can hear from inside the house.  Particularly if you are near a busy road, train line, or airport.  Is the noise an acceptable level for you?

Room to Change

Does the house provide you with room to grow as a family, whether that is adding children, or just the children getting older?  A great family home is one that can change and adapt with you.

Kerb Appeal

Are you going to approach your new house with a big smile on your face, or does the outside give you a sinking feeling? If you don’t like the outside of the property, is it something that can be fixed within your budget?


Don’t forget to consider your budget!


Often when looking for a new house there are compromises to be made.  It’s up to you to prioritise the things you want, and to understand where you are willing to compromise.

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