What To Know Before Visiting China

Are you planning a trip to China? China is a fascinating place to visit, but very different, so you will need some tips to make sure you have the best trip possible and avoid problems. Whether you’re off to the countryside of China or the bustle of Beijing, check these tips first.

Plan What To Pack

The essentials include your passport and vias, enough money or a card to withdraw money, enough of the right clothes (check the forecast first), and any medication that you need. If you do pack medication, you may want to get a translated doctor’s note to get it through customs. Smartphones are a useful way to save space, especially if they have a VPN. You might also need an adapter for any electronics that you bring, as China uses two or three thin-pin sockets at 220V. 


A lot of websites are blocked in China, including Facebook, Google, and Instagram. Some apps on your phones and access to your emails may require you to have a VPN connection in order to work, so it’s a good idea to get one before you travel. 

Be Aware Of Pollution Issues

The government has been working on reducing air pollution in China, especially in the main tourist areas, and it is usually better than the media often reports it as being. However, on some days, the pollution in cities like Beijing could still affect your experience, especially if you have a respiratory condition, like asthma. 

You could try wearing a dust mask like the locals. You should also consider traveling in spring or when the pollution is lowest, or try some activities out of the city on days when the air quality is particularly low.

Spring And Autumn Are The Best Times To Visit

Whether you love the winter or prefer a warm summer, China has the perfect destination to offer. For the most comfortable weather, think about visiting during the spring or fall. Spring is a great time to visit China, as it is flowering, while autumn has drier weather than spring as well as milder temperatures. If you want to do something specific, like see Shen Yun, or take part in a festival, check the dates before you book. 

Avoid Public And School Holidays

Holidays are great. They put everyone in a good mood, but you should watch out. Chinese locals tend to travel during school and public holidays, so travel costs like flights and hotels tend to be much higher during these periods. Try to avoid festivals too, unless you particularly want to experience them. Do your research to find out when the busiest times are before you travel. 

High-Speed Rail Is Often Better Than Flying

Long bus rides are no more comfortable in China than anywhere else in the world, but China’s new high-speed trains give you an excellent way to travel between cities. In some cases, it can even be faster than traveling via plane, as stations tend to be closer to the city centers than airports. 

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