Who Do We Have To Thank For Tasty Steaks?

When you visit a restaurant what does your meal of choice tend to be? A lot of people will say steak. There is nothing better than a juicy and tender piece of steak cooked to your liking. Nevertheless, have you ever wondered where the meat on your plate has come from? This article reveals some of the world’s main exporters of beef. So, keep on reading to find out what countries feature in the list…

The U.S.

There is only one place to begin and this is with the United States. The U.S. accounts for just fewer than 19 percent of the world’s beef production. This is a monumental percentage when you take into account how many other countries there are. However, the U.S. has not always been the world’s largest exporter of beef. In fact, since 2003 Brazil has held the crown. Yet, the United States has managed to gain access to markets that were previously closed because of costs, such as Egypt and Europe, and this is the main reason why the figures have shot up. Moreover, the country suffered at the hands of sanitary bans that were put in place in 2003 because of a mad cow diseases outbreak. There are plenty of places in the US for BBQ equipment as well, like BBQGuys, which is pivotal in cooking a great steak.


It would only be right the mention Brazil next. Brazil is responsible for approximately 13 percent of the world’s production of beef. As just mentioned, this is a country that held the top spot for many years, however, the United States has taken over. Nevertheless, Brazil still has a pivotal role to play when it comes to global beef production. 


We have grouped Europe together as there are several countries in the continent that export a significant amount of beef. The main exporting countries are France, the UK (with Ireland playing a crucial role), Germany, and Italy. In fact, in the European Union, there are approximately 34 million cows. When divided up, roughly 35 percent of cows are used for meat, whilst the remaining 65 percent are used for milking. 


At present China is the world’s third-biggest exporter of beef. The country is responsible for 11.6 percent of global beef production. Nevertheless, many predict that China will soon be able to match the levels put in place by Brazil and the United States.


Last but not least we have Argentina. Argentina is responsible for roughly five percent of global beef production. This may not sound like a lot. However, this makes it the fourth-biggest beef-producing country in the world. 

You now know all you need to in regards to the main exporters of beef. Nonetheless, it is unlikely you are going to travel to these countries to pick up your meat! So, you need to know where to source tasty and delicious cuts of beef in your local area at restaurants and butchers.

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