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Why Home Expansion Projects Are Awesome

Expanding your home is an excellent alternative to address space issues instead of buying a new property. It’s easier and more cost-effect to add new bedrooms, play areas, living spaces, or workspaces. Home extensions can help create fun and comfortable spaces for everyone to enjoy.

Before starting the construction project, it’s best to check if your home has enough space for an extension. Knowing the different types of home extensions can help you decide on what works best for your home. Here are some examples of home addition projects:


Also know as a rear extension, it’s a popular renovation project usually built beside an existing home or above it. Examples of single-story extensions are lofts, lanais, outdoor kitchens, and above-garage spaces.


This type of extension requires planning to minimize its impact on your neighbor’s property and maximize your lot’s area. It also adds more value to your property because of the extra spaces.


Patterned after an atrium, solariums allow homeowners to enjoy the outdoors without the hassle of dealing with the heat or insects. They have glass sliding doors and screen doors to let the light in. Aside from these, why not add concrete footings? Salt Lake City houses are a good inspiration for solarium designs.

However, all construction projects must comply with building and safety regulations. Always remember that an extension must complement your home’s design.

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Aside from the different examples of extension projects, here’s why you should consider home extension:


Proximity is the main advantage of home extensions. Medical facilities, schools, shops, and markets are near you. Familiarity is another advantage since you already know your community. Your children don’t need to transfer schools and adjust to their new environment and friends. Everything you need is already there.

Design preference

Aside from proximity and familiarity, an expansion project gives you control over its design. You can work with your designer and contractor over its layout, the area’s use, what materials to use, and its overall theme. These types of projects are tailor-fitted to meet your present and future needs.

Increases property value

Adding new areas or rooms in your property can help increase its future value. Extensions designed and built using modern architectural practices and the best materials increases its marketability. Consult a licensed contractor to get a better estimate for reference.

Better to stay than leave

Selling a property is a demanding process. You need to work with a licensed real estate broker to help you with the selling, documentation, and transfer process. After the sale, you need to pay them their professional fees and sales percentage.

Moving out of your old house is also as complicated as selling your home. It’s better to go for an expansion project compared to selling and moving out. No need to worry about sales percentages, agent fees, and transportation costs.

Maximize your property by expanding your home. It will address your needs for more space and raise its market value. Instead of moving out, why not move back into your newly expanded home? It’s worth it!

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