Why Mobile Homes Are A Great Investment

When we think of properties to invest in, often houses and apartments come to mind first – but mobile homes from a mobile homes dealership can be a fantastic option. 

So what makes mobile homes an excellent option for those who want to make some investments?

Low cost

Mobile homes can be the best option if you want to invest in property but don’t have a considerable deposit to play with. Depending on the type that you buy, you may be able to rent them out for a large portion of the year – which will make back the money you spent in the first place. 

With some options, you can purchase the land and the mobile home – with others, you are buying the mobile home only. When purchasing a mobile home, only you have one of the lowest property investment options. 

High Demand

Mobile homes are one of the highest-demand properties for long stay rentals and short stay holidays. There is also a high demand for well-maintained and clean mobile home parks. 

In most places, house prices are rising rapidly, and mobile homes offer a much more affordable option for house owners. Purchasing while the development is still in process, holding on to the property for a short period, and then selling could make a significant return on your investment. 

More specifically, it is retirees that are looking to downsize their more significant properties, and mobile homes are one of the highest in demand for them. 

Tenant turnover

Getting new tenants can be costly, and one of the biggest bonuses of mobile homes is that the tenant turnover tends to be lower. 

Mobile homes offer a well-priced alternative to renting regular apartments and houses. 

Maintenance and repairs

One of the highest costs that come with buying a regular house or apartment is repairs and maintenance. Mobile homes have one of the lowest costs in terms of repairs and maintenance. The typical lifespan of a mobile home can span anywhere from 30-55 years when they are kept in good condition. 

The outside walls need to be checked a few times per year and skirting ventilation, plumbing, and electrics will need to be maintained too. 

Less competition 

Buying a regular apartment or home can be a long process because there are plenty of viewings and a lot of people who will bid on a home; it can be very competitive. 

Since mobile homes don’t come up often when investments and savings are discussed, it isn’t an investment with a lot of competition. 


If you already own a house or apartment and are looking to downsize and maximize the profit from the sale of that home, then purchasing a mobile home instead is a great idea. 

Mobile homes offer a more affordable way to own property and have a real estate investment. And just like traditional homes, you can kit out a mobile home with all of the latest software and technology to make it a smart home. Smart and small is the future: ​​The Benefits of Having a Smart-home Automation – Maggiescarf.

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