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Why Summer Is the Best Time to Move to a New Home

While relocating to a new home is possible at any time of the year, the summer months are usually the best season to do so for many reasons.

If you have children, it will be easier to transfer them to a new school because of the summer break. Those who also plan on selling their houses will also have an easier time to find a buyer since most people shop for homes during this time. Take note that there are advantages for moving during the summer just as much as there are some setbacks.

The Pros and Cons of Summer Moves

Higher rates are probably the most significant disadvantage of relocating in the summer when professional movers respond to more substantial demand for their services. Another thing to consider is the long waiting time, due to the busy schedule of service providers. If you plan to move out of state, be sure to check cross-country or long-distance movers’ reviews.

You shouldn’t settle for any moving company just because it’s harder to find one. You could still save money by not scheduling a moving date between Memorial Day and Labor Day when rates are likely to reach their peak. In the meantime, you could get rid of unnecessary items by holding a garage sale, which clears more quickly because summer is a favorite season for having one.

Choose Other Seasons

Depending on where you live right now, the summer weather can be hotter than other places, and it will be uncomfortable to move things back and forth. Summer rates can be too expensive as well, so you might as well relocate during fall or winter when prices are lower.

You have the best chances of finding the most affordable rates during winter months, as this is the off-peak season for many movers. However, you need to be extra careful since snowy weather can make road travel more dangerous. Try to schedule a move between January and February so that you will no longer be preoccupied with the holiday rush.

The Best Cities for Moving


Some people choose their next home in a city or state where property prices are low. Based on this factor, the top three best cities for relocation in 2019 are Lakeland in Florida and El Paso in Texas. Median home prices in these states are not expected to cost $200,000 for this year.

For instance, you can buy a new house with three bedrooms and two bathrooms in El Paso for as low as $150,000. In Lakeland, the median price for the same property will only cost at least $161,757. Florida and Texas don’t impose taxes on residents’ wages, which is another good thing about living in these states.

Summer is generally the best time to move since this provides you with enough time to take care of personal matters, without being distracted by school or work-related concerns. When choosing among moving companies, you should request for a minimum of three quotes from different contractors and their available schedules.

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