Why Your Next Trip Should Be A Hiking Holiday

When it comes to travel, there are so many types it can be hard to decide on which to do. If you have never done a hiking holiday, then we recommend you try this for your next vacation. There are so many reasons why a hiking holiday will be one of the best holidays that you ever do and once you do one, you are sure to continue doing these year after year. There is nothing like seeing new places, knowing you are getting fit and spending real quality time with those that you love. Here we have put together our top reasons why your next trip should be a hiking holiday.

You can spend quality time with your loved ones

When you are on a hiking trip, you are a world away from the technology-obsessed, distraction-ridden vacations that you normally take. Once social media and screens are out of action, it leaves you with time to properly catch up with those that you are away with. You can get back to basics, telling stories, making jokes and just spending real quality time together. Be sure to take plenty of photos to look back on, but don’t use your phone for much else!

It isn’t expensive

Vacations can get super expensive, but hiking trips are simple. Once you have bought the equipment and things such as a tent and food, you are set. You don’t need to shell out thousands on flights, all-inclusive hotels and all the luxuries. Instead, you save your money and still have a fantastic time. It’s a win-win situation! Do make sure you put a little money aside in case of emergencies.

You will finish your trip healthier than when you started

When you go on a normal holiday, you usually spend your time around a pool, gorging on snacks and drinking copious cocktails. You come back feeling tired, lethargic and bloated. A hiking holiday is nothing like this and instead, you will finish your trip feeling strong, healthy and much better than when you started out. The daily fresh air, walking and healthier food options will give you a great chance to detox.

You can be at one with nature

When you are hiking you will get to be at one with nature. You will see a whole array of creatures, bugs and birds along your travels that you might never have even heard of. Be sure to research the best places to go ahead of time, such as Redwoods National Park hikes – you won’t be disappointed at what animals and nature you find here. You will get to wake up every day to the smell of fresh flowers, watching the most stunning sunsets and sunrises, breathing in plenty of fresh air and making the most of your surroundings.

These are just a few reasons why a hiking holiday will be one of the best trips that you ever take. What are some places you like to go when you hike? Have you ever done a holiday here? Let us know in the comments below!

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