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4 Considerations When Buying Electric Heaters

Your garage comes in handy in storing extra belongings and as a workspace when you do not want to go to the office. Therefore, it makes sense to ensure that your garage is comfortable all year around. Getting a heater for your garage is among the important investments you will make for those winter days and nights you will be spending there. With various garage heaters on the market, you should get an electric heater, thanks to the low operating costs. However, before you go shopping, here are important things to remember when choosing an appropriate heater:

Garage Sizing

The appropriate size of a heater for your room will depend on the power rating of a heater and the room size. When shopping for a heater, you will need to know the area of a garage in square feet. The area of a garage is the multiplication of the width and length of the room. The output of a heater is usually in BTUs. A square foot of space requires about 40 BTUs to the maximum and 20 BTUS to the minimum. You can also ask for recommendations of the right heater when you have the area of a garage in mind.

Safety Features

Running heaters, especially in an unsupervised area, can pose the risk of home fires. Therefore, when looking through the available heaters, opt for the ones that have a protection guard. The guard protects the heating element from belongings that may lead to a fire occurrence. Also, the guard keeps the heater away from anyone who may want to touch the heating element and cause burns. Another safety feature of electric heaters is the overheat protection mechanism. The mechanism causes the heater to switch off when the room attains a certain temperature. Better yet, you can get a heater that requires mounting to keep the heater from any element it may come into contact with.

Installation Type

You will find hardwired heaters or the ones that require connection to an external power source. For hardwired heaters, you will need an electrician to connect the heater before enjoying the heat. However, the other type of heater is portable and ideal when you want to keep moving from one place to another. You also do not need any expert skills to operate it. Hardwired heaters are ideal for bigger garages, while portable heaters are ideal for small garages.

Location of Your Heater

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Where you choose to place your heater in the room will determine the extent of heat that will be in your room at some point. You should place the heater in a central location so that every corner of the room has access to the heat emission. Portable heaters and mounting heaters require different positioning in your room.

Whether you want to keep your garage warm during the winter or throughout the year, garage heaters will not disappoint you. They will make your garage comfortable for use. Also, modern electric heaters are energy-efficient, and you will not incur exorbitant energy bills when you run one.

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