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Four Advantages of a Polycarbonate Greenhouse

Promoting greenhouse gardening nowadays is no longer about the fulfilment of your dreams and the actual happiness it brings. Rather, it can be rewarding in the long run yet still remains cheaper to maintain.

Yes, greenhouse gardening is no longer expensive as it was before. In fact, the use of polycarbonate panels in greenhouse gardening in Australia has opened many possibilities and bigger potentials to people who want to engage in urban planting. Here are the reasons you should do the same:

1. Better Insulation

The main difference between an ordinary farming method and greenhouse farming is the proper insulation of the plants. This includes protecting the crops from different climates all year long or from the constant changes in the temperature from dusk to dawn.

Polycarbonate panels are made of great insulation materials. In fact, it can easily break dangerous rays from the sun, creating additional shade in the process. That said, it is safe to say that by using polycarbonate panels, you can easily control and maintain the temperature inside the greenhouse, which greatly affects the quality and health of the plants.

2. Longer Lasting Materials

Greenhouse garden owners would agree that the cost of maintenance has greatly reduced compared when they are still using panels made of glass and plastic screens. For other farmers who still use these methods, chances are their operational expenses remain high as these materials can easily break and get damaged.

By investing in polycarbonate panels, you are ensuring the stability and longevity of your greenhouse farm. Unlike glass and plastic screens, one of the good characteristics of polycarbonate materials is its strength, which prevents it from breaking easily.

3. Lightweight and Customisable

Polycarbonate roof with metal frameAnother two great characteristics of polycarbonate materials are being lightweight and that it can be easily customised to meet your requirements. Indeed, the assembly time is faster, unlike the old materials. It is now more affordable than the traditional materials, and it is getting cheaper as more competition comes out. So, if you plan to expand your greenhouse farm in the future, it will be easier and more cost-effective to make the necessary adjustments.

4. More Produce Means…

Studies show that the introduction of polycarbonate materials has dramatically extended the growing season of fruits and vegetables. This means one very important thing—more produce. With an increase in harvest, you get more production from the money you invested compared before. It will likewise increase your income if you are into selling your yields.

In addition, your operational expenses will greatly decrease as the longer growing season means less artificial heat and lights the plants will need. That said, you could save money from the electricity bill. But more importantly, it saves you valuable time.

Many greenhouse farmers have switched from the traditional glass panels to lighter and cheaper polycarbonate panels. This is not only because of the physical aspects that made it more affordable and easier to install, your plans for future expansion and even for operational maintenance cost. It is likewise because of the sum of money you can get from the vegetable and fruit you can harvest.

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