4 Telltale Signs You Have A Roofing Problem

Don’t underestimate the importance of a roof! It sounds like a silly thing to say, but we take roofs for granted. We don’t appreciate the work they do until ours starts to show signs of a problem. All of a sudden, you realize your home would be a complete mess if it didn’t have a high-quality roof. 

Moreover, roof replacements are costly and can take some time. So, you want to avoid reaching this stage for as long as possible. Over time, your roofing will gradually get worse. As such, there’s every chance you will need a replacement at some point. However, you can delay this by keeping your roof in good condition and getting minor repairs done as needed. 

Speaking of which, how do you know if you have a roofing problem? Look for these telltale signs:

Leaks in the attic

Head on up to your attic now and then to see if there’s any water damage. Well, ideally, you spot any leaks before they create water damage. Otherwise, you have to pay for water damage restoration as well as roof repair services. It’s obvious what you’re looking for – any water droplets, puddles on the floor, or signs of dampness. If you see any of these, you probably have a breach in your roof somewhere. It might be blatantly obvious as you can see the hole, or it could be well hidden. Either way, it’s smart to head up to your attic when it’s raining as this is the best way to spot leaks. Put a bucket under the leaks while you wait for a repairs service to come as this will prevent water damage.

Excessive coldness upstairs

Is the upstairs portion of your home much colder than the bottom? Do you find yourself shivering in bed but taking off your layers when you’re in the kitchen? If so, it could be a sign that you have roofing issues. Heat rises, which means it should move to the upstairs part of your home. In theory, this would make it the warmer area of your property. So, if it’s colder, it could be down to holes or cracks in your roof. Why? Because the lack of heat means that the heat is escaping somewhere. If all the windows are closed and in perfect condition, your roof is the only option. It’s well worth calling someone to inspect your roof and see if your suspicions are correct. 

Broken shingles on the floor

Sometimes, our roofing issues are glaringly obvious. Walk around the outside of your property and look at the ground nearby. You’re looking for any broken shingles or parts of your roof that have fallen off. This is strangely common, particularly as the shingles are blown loose in bad weather. If you have an aging roof or have lived in your property for many years, the roof shingles will start to come loose. This is just part and parcel of life, but you can get the roof repaired before it becomes a massive problem. The key is spotting the loose shingles and dealing with the issues before all of them come loose!

Peeling paint

A bit of a sneaky one to leave you with. Take a look at the paint both outside and inside your property, near the roof. If it’s started peeling away, this is potentially a warning sign that there’s a roofing issue. As you can imagine, this sign often goes unnoticed as you just assume it’s all to do with the paint and nothing to do with your roof. Basically, it’s a sign that your roof is poorly ventilated. When this happens, it allows moisture to be trapped in and around the roof cavity. From here, the excess moisture will attack the paint and cause it to peel and look nasty. No matter how many times you repaint the area, it will keep crumbling unless you take care of the roofing problem.

It’s crucial to get your roofing issues sorted as soon as possible. You don’t want a damaged roof to be left on its own for too long. A small problem will quickly develop into a larger and more costly one. If you’re unlucky, it could develop into an issue that’s only solved by a roof replacement. Get the problems seen to as soon as you notice any of the telltale signs above. Also, to avoid injuring yourself, don’t attempt these repairs yourself. It’s too risky to be on your roof trying to fix things, particularly if you don’t know what you’re doing. Let the experts handle things while you relax.

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