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4 Ways to Make Your Commercial Premises Energy-Efficient

If your commercial building has been around for a while now, the chances are that its energy efficiency is no longer effective thus energy bills could be quickly piling up. It is every company’s goal to enhance energy efficiency and minimize overhead costs.

Fortunately, there are interventions that you can make to save energy. Here are four effective ways to achieve this.

1. Hire energy assessment services

It is challenging to figure out which parts of your building need improvement in order to reduce energy consumption. In this case, hiring energy assessment experts will come in handy.

Any building engineering company such as Northwest Engineering Service, Inc. in Tigard is likely to offer these services, and if they don’t, they could refer you to reputable energy efficiency assessors.

The experts will conduct air barrier testing and check the condition of the heating and electrical systems. Ultimately, they will provide suitable solutions toward energy efficiency.

2. Make conservation an office culture

Encourage your staff to conserve energy and let them know the necessity. To make it effective, make rules that put energy conservation in place. For example, you could limit the use of electricity during the day. Make the rules friendly and enticing by rewarding those who conserve energy.

Involve people who would feel strongly about this cause. As being energy efficient reduces carbon emissions, you could assign environment advocates in your office to spearhead power conservation efforts. They would be motivated to help out.

3. Seal all gaps in your building

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Gaps contribute to a large percentage of heat loss from a building. Cold air from your AC can escape your indoors, causing you to need to increase your AC use on hot days. Conversely, during cols months, especially winter, you should find ways to keep the heat in your workplace indoors to prevent having to crank up your heater.

To prevent these situations, seal gaps in walls and ceilings, and fix loose doors or broken windows. Your utility provider can help to identify areas that allow heat loss and also aid in correcting the anomalies.

4. Switch to automatic lighting and auto HVAC controls

Automatic heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) as well as lighting can greatly improve energy conservation. Install daylight-detecting sensors as well as motion-detecting lights. You could also set computers to go on sleep mode when not in use.

This setting is also applicable to other machines, which you could set to turn off on its own at the end of the day. Smart devices and appliances might cost more, but if you think of it in terms of the long term, you save more monthly on utility costs.

While energy is costly, it is easy to misuse or waste it. The simple habits can help you reduce energy consumption, hence lowering your utility bills. This will not only minimize your costs but also help you conserve natural resources, so make energy efficiency a priority in your office, and you could start with the tips above.

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