5 Second Hand Items To Buy For Your First Home

Buying or renting your very first home is a hugely exciting prospect, but it’s also a massively expensive one. You’ll be paying out for the deposit and moving costs, and then you’ll need to start paying for the utilities, local tax, food, and of course, the mortgage or rental payments themselves. So there may not be a lot left over to spend on furnishing your new home. That’s where buying second-hand can really be a good idea, and there are some items that you should definitely buy pre-loved.


Since every second-hand shop or charity shop will thoroughly clean all their items before selling them on, there is no reason why you shouldn’t or couldn’t buy your cutlery second-hand. You may not be able to find a complete matching set, but that’s all right – an eclectic look with mismatched pieces can work just as well (and you might even prefer it).  


Buying your plates and bowls can be a costly experience unless you go for second-hand items. It’s great to have a matching set of these things, but that might not be possible when you’re scouring the charity stores. However, having a few items from two or three different sets will save you a lot of money compared to buying one whole set brand new, and that money could certainly be used to better effect elsewhere. 

Toaster And Microwave

If there are two essential kitchen items that no one (especially someone who has just moved into their first home) can do without, it’s the toaster and microwave. These things are fairly cheap to buy new these days, but that doesn’t mean you should when you can get them for a small handful of dollars in a second-hand store instead. Even if you are still learning some basic cooking skills, having a toaster and a microwave will mean you certainly won’t starve. 

A Car 

Moving home means you’re going to be paying out for bills you never paid for before, and you’re going to need a job to do it. Buying a good used car will mean that you can get to and from work easily and inexpensively, so you’ll be saving money on using public transport. Plus, having your own car means that many more job opportunities are going to be open to you in the first place, as not everywhere is accessible by train. 

Of course, there are alternatives. You might find a job that would allow you to work from home, or you could rent out a room for extra income. In fact, maybe that’s the reason you bought your home. If that’s something you’re interested in doing, check out Loftium reviews and see what you think. 

Bed Frame 

Although there is some furniture you can do without to begin with, getting an excellent second-hand bed frame for your mattress is not one. You need to look after your health, and a bad back or neck is not going to make life easy for you, which is why having a proper bed frame is a much better idea than sleeping on the floor.

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