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Need More Rest? Here Are the Attributes of a Relaxing Bedroom

Different people have different preferences when it comes to their bedroom. Some like patterned wallpaper, while others like to keep all their decors plain. Some will decorate with plants, and others will decorate with paintings. Regardless of how you envision your ideal bedroom to be, four universal elements can make it as relaxing as can be.

The Right Colors

While scientists are still researching the specific reasons colors affect the human psyche, one thing is for sure: colors exude certain energies that impact people’s emotions and perceptions. There’s no bad color, per se, but there are choices that better suit places of rest like the bedroom.

White is a popular choice, as it gives you a de-cluttered impression of a space, which then reduces your stress. It’s the go-to color of minimalists who want a streamlined appeal that makes even the smallest bedrooms feel bigger and easier to move in. Blue is another color that has many positive and calming associations like the sky and the ocean. It’s psychologically proven that lighter shades of blue induce peace while darker shades encourage clearer thoughts.
Leave the bright yellows and oranges to kitchens, living rooms, and study areas. These are the places in your home that benefit from the uplifting and exciting energy of these two colors.

A Touch of Luxury

If there’s one place in your house that deserves a touch of luxury, it’s your bedroom. Imagine the most luxurious and rest-inducing hotel rooms you’ve visited. They all have the softest mattresses and pillows, warmest blankets, and other luxuries that make you want to sit back and daydream. Hence, you should invest in these and you will witness great relaxation in your bedroom. Simply investing in a new bed, such as mission beds, can be all it takes to achieve a more relaxing bedroom.

This is an excellent method for people who tend to overwork. These are the ones who find it difficult to include rest or some other form of downtime in their schedule. However, when they have something to look forward to, it becomes easier to take a much-needed break.

Consider switching to memory foam and using triple sheeting to recreate that hotel-like crispness of their beds. Layer with a comforter sprayed with rose or lavender essential oils. Put a batch of your favorite flowers in a lovely vase, and place scented candles beside it.

For the ultimate treat, place Luraco massage chairs facing the window with the best view so that you can enjoy a massage just before bedtime.

Fresh Air & Perfect Lighting


No matter how beautiful a room is, it will feel cramped when there’s no proper ventilation. If you have the budget for bigger home renovations, consider adding or enlarging your windows. It’s a budget-friendly means of making sure allergens and bacteria are diluted and washed out of your room. The natural lighting by day and the view of a starlit sky by night will also create a relaxing ambiance.

People who find it difficult to sleep have the option to dim the lights twenty to thirty minutes before bedtime can help your mind and body unwind. You might be surprised to discover that a burst of fresh air and a change in lighting is all you need to help you fall asleep faster and better.

Good Rest Is Important

Research after research will confirm that stress triggers a lot of disorders and diseases. At an age when people are prone to abuse their minds and bodies by minimizing their daily dose of rest, it’s integral that you set yourself apart and respect your limits. There’s always tomorrow to work hard and play hard. For now, enjoy your bedroom and get the rest you need.

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