5 Simple Ways to Turn Your New House Into a Home

There’s so much excitement around moving into a new house. A house is just a four-walled structure with a roof, but a home reflects the soul and individuality of its owner. Walking into a home and noticing the owner’s personality and character is alluring. Although the moving process and unpacking stages can be overwhelming, it’s exhilarating to turn a new house into a home. Here are a few simple ways you can make that possible.

Frame and hang your memories

Nothing spells out home more than family photos and artwork hanged on your walls. Frame photos of your family and fun memories and place them neatly on the walls of your new home. Arrange them in a way to display a gallery and hang them in high traffic areas, such as corridors and the living room, so that it always feels like your loved ones are close.

Decorate with greenery and accessories

Greenery and accessories add life to your new house. In rooms where there is a lack of personality, place a beautiful vase of fresh-cut flowers and arrange them creatively to lift your space. You can also use accessories such as scented candles, art pieces, or souvenirs from places you’ve been to make your new house feel like home.

Enhance lighting

New houses come with the simplest form of lighting; it’s up to you to enhance that to make it feel homier. Lighting has a way of opening up your home and making it look more inviting. You can decide to call in a professional to add bulbs, or you can come up with a DIY project to enhance lighting. Remove the pre-existing lighting and install a chandelier, colorful and soft lighting around the house, and give it a personal touch with your favorite family lamp.

Pay attention to floor finishes

When you move into a new house, one of the areas that magnify its emptiness is the floor space. When you walk, and there’s an echo, it’s easy to feel like you’re just in any other building that’s not home. Make your home feel more lived-in by using textiles to make it warm. Before you arrange furniture, work on insulating your floors by placing carpets or rugs to absorb sound. You can place textiles that are sentimental to you, for example, a DIY rug from your grandmother to make your new home feel special.

Enhance functionality with ample storage

A lot of decisions regarding your home’s design revolve around storage. Most of it has to do with functionality and aesthetics. After moving your items with North American Van Lines, carefully unpack while placing everything in its rightful place. In a new house, there might not be enough storage space. However, with time, you can make improvements. Instead of leaving items to pile, place them appropriately; store items in a way to display things that matter to you to create a beautiful home.

Bottom line

A home is more than just the structures that build it; it’s the work you put into it to make it feel happier and safe. Create a happy and healthy home by hanging family photos, enhancing lighting, making your floors warmer, and accessorizing with décor and greenery.

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