Five Ways To Creatively Decorate Your Home

Whether you are someone who spends a lot of time at home or not, you need to have a place to come home to that makes you feel like you can breathe out and relax. That place should be your house. It should be bright, and reflect who you are as a person, making you feel at ease and able to let go and be yourself in one space. The kitchen and the living room should seamlessly reflect who you are, and the bedroom should be your comfort space to unwind and sleep comfortably in. 

This is your chance to be creative, and if you own your own home and have the chance to decorate it the way that reflects you the most, you should take that chance and start making plans. You can be as creative as you like with your own house and that can make a huge difference to the way in which you feel about your space. So, how can you really get creative with your home? How can you make it feel like a safe place for you to be? 

1. Add Nature

Flowers and plants add something to space that you really need. Greenery doesn’t just look good, either, it makes you breathe better and it can make you feel relaxed just being around it. You can incorporate greenery pretty much anywhere you want into the house, from the bedroom to the garden. Climbing walls by the front door and a herb garden in the kitchen can change the way that you feel about your house, and vases of flowers with short stems to focus on the blooms make all the difference, too. 

2. Fresh Paint

Sometimes, a fresh coat of paint can make a bigger change than you think it can. You can instantly shift the mood of a room with a paintbrush and a can of paint. Painting even just one wall in each room as a feature room will make a difference, too. You can add wallpaper as well, just in case you want to change up how the room looks. Check out the Story Of Home Blog for ideas, too, as you can get some awesome color matches for inspiration. Take time to paint the rooms that make sense, though, don’t just splash bright colors everywhere without any thought!

3. Add A Little Art

Whether you choose wall decals in the right patterns, or you choose a huge metal print for a wall, you can add art that you will feel relaxed around. You can even frame classic storybook pictures and covers in the kid’s rooms – you can frame black and white images of these for an extra edge!

4. Accessorize Carefully

From the thick rugs to the pretty lampshades, you can accessorize the home in a way that reflects your personality easily when you have the right ones! Choosing throw pillows and blanket throws for the sofas can enhance the look of the room, too.

5. Treat The Windows

The windows are the eyes of the home, right? Well, you can go the extra mile with the right window treatments to make those eyes shine! Take the time to choose the right blinds and curtains, add colored glass and create a new look, use brand new curtain pullbacks, too! Your windows can be as dressy as you’d like them to be, and they can be really fun to play around with and see what works. You can even use different fabrics and colors depending on the room you choose to decorate first. Choose the treatments that are easy to clean and swap out, too, especially if you decorate often. You can go as chic as you like here, so don’t be afraid to experiment properly and keep switching things out as you need to.

You can be as creative as you like with your home and you can change the way that you look at each room with the right decorating elements. You can make your dining room come to life when you have people round for dinner, and you can offer your kitchen up as a new, more modern place to sit, too. The living room can be a better place to relax and the bedrooms can reflect the exact space you need for the best possible chance of relaxation. Your home can benefit from your creative spirit, and you need to get started with all of your planning as soon as possible. Why wait to create when you can get started now?

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