8 Ways To Make Your Kitchen More Functional

A kitchen is a place we spend a lot of time. Whether we are cooking, socializing, or cozying up on the kitchen table with our morning coffee, it is often one of the most used rooms in the house. If you often like to eat dinner in your kitchen at the table or like to have friends over for drinks, it is ideal to maximize the space and make it more functional.

Today, we are sharing the best design ideas to make your kitchen a more functional room. From multi-purpose surfaces to storage ideas, here are eight ideas any kitchen can benefit from.

Improve The Light And Air Quality

You can easily enhance your kitchen and make it feel more spacious, bright, and airy with larger windows and a good ventilation system. To begin, ensure your windows are well positioned so that they let the maximum amount of light in. If they are in a great position but the kitchen feels dark, remove any light limitations such as blinds and curtains. More light in the room with more it more inviting and fresh.

Then, for improving the air ventilation you could add plants or try Air Duct Cleaning. Cleaning your home’s air ducts will improve your indoor air quality and offer a fresher and more breathable home. The kitchen is a room that can build-up odors and condensation. So, better air quality will remove unwanted spaces and keep the room well ventilated and  dry.

Utilize Corner Spaces

Analyze the space you are using in your kitchen. See if your corners are being used as they are often spaces that are easily neglected or not well utilized. By utilizing the corner spaces in your kitchen you can add more storage space, plants, or an area to sit. 

Add a feature that can be used often. Otherwise, you will be using up space for no good reason. If you could add more seating space, to host a guest or for you to read from, a chair is a good option. If you lack storage space, the corner is a good place to add a small cabinet to store kitchenware, spices, or pantry food.

Fit Drawers For More Storage

Speaking of storage, the most effective way to maximize your space and make areas more functional is by adding storage. If areas of your kitchen are cluttered with foods, glassware, or utensils, store these away out of sight. 

For example, your entire kitchen surface may be filled with food and kitchenware. These can be stored away in drawers under the surface, to make more room for meal prepping, eating, and gathering. If your kitchen is cluttered, you will most likely not want to spend a lot of time there. So adding drawers to store everything will maximize the surface and floor space to make more room for you and others.

Floor To Ceiling Wall Cabinets

If you already have many drawers and have no more space for drawers under the sideboards, you could benefit from adding a floor-to-ceiling cabinet. This type of cabinet would be ideal for that corner space that isn’t being utilized well.

These are a great option if you don’t have room for a pantry, or often have loose foods around the kitchen. You can store your dry goods, tins, and kitchenware away instead of leaving them out in the open. A tall cabinet will be able to home all of your essentials so everything can be in one place for convenience.

Eliminate Unused Appliances

We can often clutter our kitchen surfaces with appliances that get used once in a blue moon. If you can smoothie makers, microwaves, or mixers out that hardly get used, then store them away. Or, get rid of them completely. 

Appliances take up a lot of space, which is space you can use for cooking or adding more useful items such as a spice rack or chopping board. You will have a much more functional and convenient space when your sideboards are full of items you can utilize on a daily basis.

Add A Kitchen Island With Drawers

If your kitchen is big enough for a kitchen island, then adding one can be a great multi-functional feature. A kitchen doesn’t have to be huge for a kitchen island, a small one is enough to be functional. 

A kitchen island is a great space for you to prepare food and socialize. You can add chairs so that you can dine there or entertain guests. The other great benefit of a kitchen island is that you can add drawers to them. More drawers means more space for your kitchen essentials and to store stuff away that would usually sit out in the open.

You can also house your kitchen cooking appliances on a kitchen island, such as the cooker. This will refresh the kitchen and give you a new and fresh space to cook meals.

Install A Unit Above The Fridge

The empty space above the fridge is inconvenient. But, more people should recognize it as s space to use for more storage. Most fridges have space above them, so add a small cabinet to home items you don’t use very often. You could home documents, first aid kits, or glassware that you use for special occasions.

Get A Foldable Dining Table

Kitchen and dining tables can take up a lot of room. If you only use them for eating, they can be quite a nuisance during the day. To maximize your space you can upgrade to a foldable one. This means you can store it away or up against the wall while it’s not being used. It will make more floor space and room during the times you do not need to use it.

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