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Benefits of Steel Staircases and Stringers

Steel is a great option for many home and business structural needs. One of these needs is a staircase. Staircases, especially in homes and low-rise buildings, are very useful in managing foot traffic and transporting loads. These are besides connecting one level of a building to another. When made of steel, staircases, along with stringers, are easily installed, unlike concrete stairs. Time is indeed of the essence when choosing steel instead of concrete. Steel staircases and stairs with steel stringers offer many benefits.


Steel is a product made to boost strength and capacity. From bridges to building beams, it delivers. Like all other objects made of steel, steel staircases and stringers are well known for their sturdy and durable build. They can hold heavy loads, as well as the daily ascent and descent of people. Compared to some staircases made of other materials such as wood, the strength of steel staircases and stringers guarantees a secure and safe transport platform.


Steel can be shaped into many forms because of its high levels of malleability. You can mould almost anything from steel, in all shapes and sizes. Malleability affords owners to control the style of their homes. As such, steel’s configuration limits is almost nil, making it a favourite choice for staircases and stringers.


Steel staircases and stringers are resistant to corrosion and rust. The chromium in steel produces an oxide that prevents any rust to form. Therefore, they can retain their form for many years under different climates and degrees of physical use. Additionally, they do not fall prey to pests that wooden stairs suffer from. In effect, there is little requirement for maintenance.


Outdoor steel staircaseSince steel is a very strong material, there is no need to use additional protection mechanisms such as varnishing, staining, and sealing. Their natural metallic properties are boosted by a combination of iron and another alloy. It has this self-protecting mechanism that shields it from wear and tear. This makes any steel staircase and stringer free from bending and warping.

Versatile in terms of design

The malleability and self-protecting properties allow any designer to craft a vast array of designs of staircases or stringers. The designer can mould shapes that do not enhance only the look but also the nature or style of the design. From simple to highly ornamental styles, designs can be adapted to a building’s architecture, or they can be based on one’s needs or imagination.


Steel staircases and stringers are also good in letting natural light because of the hollow spaces between steep parts. Concrete or wooden stairs block light in all directions. By maximising light, they can contribute to the sustainable use of energy at home. That is especially true when the staircase is built in an area where natural light comes in directly.

With the properties of steel, staircases can be designed flexibly. As such, steel staircases and stringers are still potent architectural and structural additions to homes and buildings. They may look old-fashioned, but they still serve their purpose of linking home or building levels in strength and style.

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