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Best Window Options for Your Bathroom

In any home remodeling in Salt Lake City, windows often become an afterthought. This tendency is especially true when it comes to bathroom renovations.

Yes, windows aren’t as exciting as tubs, vanities, tiles, sinks, and cabinets, but these glass units contribute more to the design of any bath than many fixtures. The right choice of windows lets abundant light stream in while raising the level of privacy and allowing for natural ventilation. Here are some of the options you should consider the most:


These glass units keep intimate moments hidden from prying eyes, for they are attached to the roof. Skylights are perfect for upstairs bathrooms or tiny ones that jut out in the outside.

Since they lie in the direction of the sun’s radiation, skylights catch plenty of free illumination. If you are worried about excessive solar heat gain, get ENERGY STAR–certified products to block most of the sun’s infrared light.

Exhaust vents make high levels of moisture less of a problem, but you can go for operating skylights if you wish to admit fresh drafts when desired. These units are designed to be airtight upon closing, so you should be concerned about water leaks when it rains.

Solar Tubes

Also known as tubular skylights, solar tubes catch sunshine and cause it to bounce around until it reaches your bathroom. They do not require structural modifications like traditional skylights do, so you can save on installation with them.

The only caveat is that solar tubes do not capture views of the sky. If you are okay not to see the clouds or the stars as you take a shower, these windows are perfect.

Translucent Windows

Patterned translucent windowIf you like to have conventional double-hung, casement, and sliding windows but hates the necessity to dress them for privacy, choose units with textured glass. The pattern obscures to view from the outside and from the inside but does not reflect the sunlight.

The fun part is that you get to pick from a variety of patterns. If you like to keep things simple in your interior design, let your textured windows add some visual noise as a counterbalance.

Glass Blocks

These fixtures are similar to textured-glass windows except that they never fail to be accents on their own. Glass blocks provide plenty of daylighting and privacy simultaneously. Individual pieces may come in standard sizes, but you have the latitude in configuring them to match the dimensions of the opening.

Their general limitation, though, is that they are affixed to the wall. But if you have exhaust fans, you can mechanically ventilate your bathroom while marveling at the beauty of glass blocks.


Speaking of fixed glass fixtures, a porthole is one of the most beautiful. Thanks to its round form, this shapely window can fit into any space and is an excellent choice for short walls. If you set it high enough, a porthole can raise privacy, pull in a dramatic beam of light, and photograph a view of the outside world.

There are countless of windows to choose from for your bathroom, but not all of them makes a good choice. Narrow down your options right from the start because your choice can dictate how your bath works and looks.

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