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Dealing with Household Problems that Never Seem to End

No matter how mild-mannered you are, it can’t be easy to keep your cool when household problems keep springing out of nowhere. It’s one thing to have to remind members of the family to clean up after themselves; it’s another to have to deal with a backflow or electrical problems every few weeks. These may make your house feel haunted, but there’s a logical explanation for each one:

Backflow for Days

Drainage, blockage, and sewage problems may often recur if the house has an old and clogged plumbing system. It may go away for a while, and you may think a chemical de-clogger can save you every time, but this might actually corrode the pipes faster. Rather than using harmful chemicals each time there’s a clogged drain, an experienced plumber in Woodbridge, VA, would recommend using a snake drain. This doesn’t require the use of chemicals and it clears any partial clogging that has attached to the pipes.

Flickering Lights

led lamps

Horror movies may have conditioned you to think flickering lights signal the presence of paranormal entities, but don’t settle for this explanation just yet. Perhaps there’s something wrong with the electrical circuit that warrants a visit to the main switch. If you have a socket that’s faulty, you’ll want to switch off current flow to that part, and see if this improves the performance of the flow around the house. You’ll also want to watch out for busted light fixtures, including those in your appliances, as they may go out without warning. This is usually the case if the bulbs are old enough and have served their time. Light fixture replacement is simple, but remember to turn the switch off before doing so. You don’t want an electrocution to be attributed to a malicious ghost, as well.

Cold Spots

That cold chill may give you goosebumps, but more importantly, it may result in skyrocketing energy bills. Your house is not efficient if there’s a draft due to doors and windows not weatherstripped properly. It’s easy to test for drafts. Light a candle and position them near a closed door or window. It the flame dies, that’s not a ghost playing with you. That’s a problem that will lead to your HVAC system overworking because the cold outside can easily get it. Check that all doors and windows can be closed properly and work on weatherstripping them to solve this issue.

Suspicious Pools of Water

It’s not a friendly spirit trying to get you to take a bath or wanting to cause an accident. You have a leak in the house if you notice water pooling in an area and returning after you’ve already cleaned it up. You may have a hard time figuring out the source of this seemingly sinister omen, but don’t fret. All you have to do is switch off the water valve in each area of the house one at a time. This will isolate the problem and help you and your plumber fix the issue from there. If it’s not necessarily pooling, but you notice a trail of water leading down the walls, you may have foundation issues that need to be checked as soon as possible.

It’s easy to blame unexplained problems to spirits you can’t see. However, most often, there’s a more plausible and solvable problem hiding behind them.

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