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Don’t Let Brown Spots Ruin the Appearance of Your Store’s Lawn

First impressions matter in business, especially for brick and mortar stores. The external appearance of a store is one major factor that influences the purchasing decision of about 95 percent of customers.

If you have enough outdoor space, landscaping is an excellent way to make your store attractive. But it requires regular maintenance; it takes time and effort to keep it neat. Otherwise, certain factors may ruin the appearance of your greenery.

One problem you may encounter on your lawn is brown spots. These patches can be unsightly and can make your lawn look neglected, affecting how customers perceive your business.

Identify the Cause of the Brown Spots

When brown spots appear on your lawn, identify their cause first. This helps you find the right treatment to restore the health of your turf. Drought or high heat can cause grass to go dormant, causing it to turn brown. In cases like this, expect your turf to recover once the temperature goes down.

You may also inspect your sprinklers to ensure that they cover all areas of your lawn. If not, adjust the sprinkler head to ensure proper hydration for your entire lawn.

Brown spots may also occur because of diseases and fungi. You can tell if your lawn has a disease when white, black, or brown substance covers the surface. You need to hire commercial property lawn care professionals to help solve this problem. Lawn care providers have the experience, equipment, and know-how to restore the health of your turf.

Make Your Grass Green Again

A lawn maintenance service will identify the cause of the brown spots and apply the appropriate treatment. A lawn professional will also determine how much sun your lawn needs. Sunlight is essential to a thriving lawn, but different types of grasses need varying amounts of light. Most will need four to six hours of direct sunlight; other shade-tolerant grass types may need filtered sunlight in that time.

The service will also use a sharp mower to achieve a clean-cut grass, which helps the grass heal quickly. After mowing, the service will rake up the grass clippings to keep pests, which promote diseases, away from your lawn.

Ask your lawn care company about fungicide, which can eliminate the cause of brown spots. This method is ideal for lawns with high-value rye-grass and bent-grass blend.

Practice Proper Lawn Maintenance

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A lawn care service can come up with a customized program that’s suitable to the upkeep of your green space.

The service will provide the right amount of fertilizer, skipping the maintenance task during hot and humid weather, or when the lawn is already stressed out. The lawn care company will also know the best time to water your lawn: morning. It’s the ideal time because it combats fungal diseases. The service will water deep enough to nourish the roots of your turf.

Aerating also contributes to providing plants enough nourishment. Aeration is a process of creating holes in the soil throughout the lawn so water, air, and nutrients can easily penetrate grassroots.

The lawn maintenance service will also help prevent thick thatch. This can suffocate your greenery and may attract pests that can damage your turf. Thatch is a combination of dead grass pieces, stems, and roots that accumulate between the green growth and the soil.

Brown spots look unsightly on your lawn, making your business seem neglected. Don’t let customers lose interest even before they enter your establishment by maintaining your curb appeal. It may contribute to increasing your return on investment (ROI) by attracting more customers into your store. And it will preserve your commercial property’s appearance and your brand’s integrity.

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