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Door Galore: 3 Pro Tips to Prep Your Space for a Sliding Door

Space saving techniques have become a part of good interior design. This includes having transformable furniture, smart shelving, and open space layouts. Because of this, sliding doors have become the preferred choice for smaller spaces.

Before you start scouting for that perfect sliding barn door, make sure your space is ready for this project. Check for these three areas around the house so you can move on to choosing the right barn door for your space.

1. Ensure structural support

The most important part of installing any heavy-duty aspect in the home is a structurally sound foundation. Certain areas of the house need to be foundationally supported to avoid any damages or accidents. Barn doors are made of wood and can weigh up to almost 100kg.

This weight needs to be supported by beams so it can be a wall mount sliding door. The area of the house where the barn door will be installed also needs to be checked by your engineer and architect for maximum safety.

This could be exhibited in very little movement of the hardware rail system as that shows sturdiness of structure. To do this, it’s best to mount the door over the doorway with sturdy studs for more support.

2. Have ample space for the doorway

Sliding glass doorSliding doors may appear to be beneficial as a space-saving technique. But it still requires ample space on the doorway area for installation as well as proper gaps. A wall mount sliding door needs gaps at the sides, particularly between the wall and the door.

This is especially for certain wooden doors since some wooden materials expand after installation. This entails making the door a few inches wider than the opening. At the same time, the track that will be used for the sliding mechanism needs to be twice the door’s width.

This could mean customising the door size to fit your needs. This may be some added expense, but it could provide a more tailored fit and feel for your space. For those with smaller spaces, this does not mean giving up your dream of having a sliding door. It only requires better planning and customisation.

3. Find the right door style for your space

Sliding doors still come in different styles and material. Wooden doors look the homiest especially if the home’s theme is more modern. Bigger spaces can enjoy the luxury of bi-parting doors, while smaller spaces may opt for a single sliding door.

The beauty of this style is that a smaller space overall compensates the need for wall size due to the lack of swing for the door. It’s a slight compromise that will allow you to style your space and indulge your good eye for design.

Getting a wall mounted sliding door for your space is one of the more convenient and interesting door choices available. Whether it’s for a more modern touch or simply to add an attractive centrepiece to your main living space, this type of door will meet those needs.

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